Gerald Butts Tries Demonizing Canadians Who Oppose The Dangerous UN Global Migration Compact

The Trudeau Liberals won’t listen to Canadians, they’ll just attack those who want to protect our Canadian sovereignty.

Even as opposition to the dangerous UN Global Compact on Migration continues to grow in Canada, the Trudeau Liberals are making it very obvious that they won’t listen.

Instead, they’re demonizing Canadians who oppose the UN Scheme.

Here’s what Gerald Butts – who says what Trudeau is really thinking – posted on Twitter:

“This is a flat-out lie being spread by the far-right in Europe, the alt-right in North America, and now the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.”

Of course, the reality is that the opponents of the UN Migration Compact are right, and Trudeau and Butts are wrong.

The Compact does take away Canadian sovereignty. After all, it says that migration is a ‘right,’ and that countries should silence those who ‘oppose migration,’ even though much of what the UN calls ‘migration’ is actually illegal crossing of national borders.

And considering the rising level of opposition to the dangerous Compact, as Queen Paola pointed out on Twitter, it’s absolutely crazy to call opponents of the Compact ‘Alt-Right.’

“Look at all these ALT-RIGHT EXTREMIST countries protecting their sovereignty. 😏

Not signing the #GlobalCompactforMigration:

Dominican Rep
Czech Rep

This is how crazy things have become: The top adviser to the Prime Minister is now attacking and demonizing Canadians who want to protect Canada’s sovereignty.

Very disturbing times.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Alexander S. Romanchuk

Canada lost its sovereignty decades ago and the sheeple don’t give a dam!

shawn harris

Since both Butts and Trudeau are more interested in complying with the UN agenda, then Trudeau should resign and go serve the UN in New York. That way Canada and Canadians can have a far more secure and prosperous Canada. Afterall , everyone thought and believed that when Trudeau was elected PM, he was actually going to govern Canada for the benefit of all Canadians and not just himself and his elite friends at the UN. And surely Trudeau must see his own hypocrisy and deceit in the way he governs Canada, by pledging to defend Canada and Canadians from… Read more »

Mike Allan

I ‘m sorry but every conservative in Canada knew what trudope was long before he was ever elected


Mike Allan, Your point?

Moe. S.

Without Canadians consent, Trudeau is signing on behalf of Canadians an agreement which will allow UN conventions, rules, and regulations to outweigh Canada’s sovereignty and Canadian laws. Shawn, you are right, where is the DEMOCRACY!!!


By being against Globalism does not make us far right.. It means we care about our country..

Dale Evjen

Isn’t it great that we have the Dishonorable Crime Minister Justin Treason taking care of things!!

Nancy Williams

Justin Trudeau’s partner in crime, Gerald Butts, can twist his lies all he wants. They would have been much happier if Canadians knew nothing about what they are doing. This is not something that should be signed without approval and agreement of every Patriot Canadian in Canada. Justin Trudeau should never have the authority to sign the UN Migrant Compact without the voice and consent of the people of Canada. In Europe while many political leaders are realizing the huge mistake they made by taking in all the ‘migrants’, the UN wants to change taking the ‘migrants’ from ‘illegal’ by… Read more »

Mark York

I am getting sick of guys like Butts calling folks who care about their country more than he does as far right and alt right. Maybe its time to call him what he is an alt left wacko Marxist basketcase.

Major Tom

Does any rational thinking person really believe that Western citizens are going to give up roots and move to ****hole countries like Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, North Korea et al?
This UN highway is a six laner…..and it’s heading in one direction……and that direction is HERE!

Dan Jones

Welcome to the TRUDEAU dictorship


Nothing new from PM Butts

Cindy Sandberg

@Spencer Fernando I hope this is your feed. I got a bit overly pop-upped! Thank you for all you say and do on a daily basis. It helps, exponentially.
#gotyourback # freedomfor canada.


What I want to know, how much money is Trudeau receiving to sell out Canada.

Moe. S.

Yeah, Gerald Butts the architect of the Ontario Liberals FAILED ‘Green Energy Act’ revolution. Then he joined his buddy Trudeau and became his principal secretary on the taxpayer’s dime, again. Trudeau & Butts, elite Liberals so dedicated to a narrative of guilting and shaming Canadian citizens. Yet they admire cutthroats and tyrants of regimes of China, Iran, and Cuba. It is evident both have no respect for law and order, nor the fundamental rights of Canadian citizens to choose who comes in or doesn’t in their own country. If we lose that fundamental right, the UN migration flows will deplete… Read more »

Randy A. Selkirk

Mr Butts doth protest too much !


Add Switzerland to the list too. They will not sign either.

Ed Peeebles

This is the latest TRUDEAU TREASON ! He Needs to be charged and stopped !

Gonzo the Magnificent

His name should be Gerald Butt-head!

Janice Horner

85% of Canadians do not want sign on to UN Migration Pact. As the M/P from Alberta stated in Parliament “Canadians are sick of Trudeau’s stupid comments and want to kick him out of office.” Trudeau like Wynne needs to go away and take disastrous Butts and Telford with him.
He is putting people out of work, destroying Canada and Canadian values.
I watched Harper being interviewed today, regarding the China arrest, Harper is a statesman to be proud of.
Trudeau is a fool!


Both Trudy and Butts should go straight to jail. Do no pass go, go straight to JAIL!,,,

tommy hawk

Butts, aside from being a Trudeau fan and companion also shares the egomaniac personality that his ‘best friend’ has — the ultimate egomaniac syndrome — and his views are only his and there is no need for anyone to give them credence. Without Trudeau, Butts would be unemployed and useless to anyone.


Gerald Butts deserves a good kick in the butts. He should be run out of Canada for his treasonous demagoguery.

Ana Gomes

The only thing Gerald has to offer Canadians is the Butt.