Trudeau Liberals Say They’ll Scrap Canada Summer Jobs ‘Values Test’

Just in time for the election. What a coincidence.

The Trudeau Liberals say they’ll be scrapping the authoritarian ‘values test’ that has generated massive opposition and anger throughout the country.

They say that the specific references which caused such a large backlash will be replaced with more vague wording that will “require applicants to declare they don’t work to infringe on any Canadian’s legal rights.”

If this ends up happening, and it removes the authoritarian ‘values test,’ then it is a good change.

According to the CP, “Labour Minister Patty Hajdu says the change — made after informal consultations over the past few months — should clear up concerns from faith-based groups who expressed outrage over this past year’s requirements. “They felt this was about their values and beliefs and not about the jobs and the performances of the students in particular roles and we took that to heart,” Hajdu said in an interview.”

However, the timing is very suspect.

With an election approaching, the Trudeau Liberals are obviously trying to pretend to be more moderate, and are trying to avoid things that could cause them problems at the polls.

As I said in October, as the election gets closer the Trudeau Liberals will pretend to be more Conservative.

They haven’t changed their views, and still think they should dictate what people are allowed to think. They’re simply backing off temporarily to try and win some more votes.

There’s no doubt that, if they retain power in 2019, they would just reimpose the ‘values test’ again.

That’s why there’s only one way to ensure that freedom of speech and freedom of expression are protected in Canada: Make sure Justin Trudeau loses power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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D McKibbon

It doesn’t change anything other than re-wording.
Abortion (the murder of an unborn child) is not illegal in Canada as there is no law.
So “require applicants to declare they don’t work to infringe on any Canadian’s legal rights.” Still allows this authoritarian regime to block people working to end this horrific act.


Not “authoritarian”, Spencer, dictatorial, oppressive and controlling. We insist the Liberals pay out the money they refused to give in support of those Programs. Hajdu deliberately ignores the fact it isn’t Liberal or even Government money, it is ours. We also want the $23 million taken back that Trudeau gave to the NCCM to promote M-103 and sharia law. Islam forbids abortion, even due to pregnancy between cousins, and they didn’t “Check the box of submission”, but Trudeau simply gave them millions.

Brian Dougan

“…require applicants to declare they don’t work to infringe on any Canadian’s legal rights.” Do they mean…like poking into our bank accounts? My hypocrisy meter is going off the charts.

Raymond of Canada

Well spoken. Conservatives need to remember while Liberals are just being Liberals.


I just read what is proposed for 2019 . this is a lie from the Liberals. Nothing has changed . DO NOT BUY THE LIE folks.