Trudeau Refuses To Rule Out Full Ban On Handguns & ‘Assault Weapons’

Trudeau says “violence” has been “caused” by guns, rather than pointing out that it’s actually the actions of criminals that cause the violence.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals continue to move further towards taking more rights away from law-abiding Canadian gun owners.

During an interview with 98.5 FM in Montreal, Trudeau was asked if we would rule out a full ban on handguns and ‘assault weapons.’

He refused to do so.

Instead, Trudeau said “We are currently reflecting on how we are going to do better to counter the violence caused by handguns and assault weapons, yes. What’s happening is unacceptable.”

First of all, the guns are not causing the violence. Guns are being used to commit violence, but the violence is being caused by the actions of criminals – who, as we all know – don’t follow the gun laws.

Secondly, the Liberals seem to be leaving the vaguely-worded ‘assault weapons’ category purposely undefined, potentially leaving the door open for a big increase in restrictions – even though there are already substantial restrictions in firearms already in this country.

Unfortunately, the Trudeau Liberals would much rather try and score some political points and go after law-abiding Canadian gun owners, instead of actually dealing with crime.

By contrast, the Conservatives have announced measures to increase resources for the police, which is a more realistic and practical approach.

It sets up a clear contrast on the issue of crime and firearms in the upcoming election, with the Liberals pushing virtue-signalling and taking rights away from Canadians, while the Conservatives give law-enforcement more tools to do their jobs.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Norbert Kausen

This has nothing to do with public safety! It has to do with stifling the increasing outrage of Canadians who see Canada being dismantled as a sovereign nation and being turned over to the globalists! It is about the globalist agenda being forced upon Canadians and leaving us helpless to do anything to stop the TREASON being perptrated by Trudeau and his gang of communist miscreants!

Brandon Rode

God I hate Trudeau…more than anyone


I guess with that type of logic from Captain Crayon it’s probably the budget’s fault for not balancing itself as opposed to the fiscally illiterate, math-challenged moron who made it. Not wanting to sound like an alarmist speaking of a real agenda here; one can’t help but wonder given Justin and his family’s close ties with brutal regimes, and his love and admiration of China’s “basic dictatorship”. Nah – can’t be. After all he promised us the “most open and transparent government ever”.


Evidently then, cars cause speeding, trees cause forest fires and water causes ships to sink. Every single time he moves his lips he says something stupid.

Item of interest: Vancouver Island RCMP are now the proud operators of two massive 15.000kg 4 metre high armored tactical military vehicles. Friggin HUGE. They have a copula at the top for observation and for the placement of a machine gun. Nothing short of a LAW or an RPG will bother these war machines. Is this a small step in Trudeau’s move to control protests by Canadians against the Liberals?

don morris

I hope and trust the CPC has enough sense to reach out to the sports shooters in Canada with a clear and unequivocal message of support for them and against this UN inspired gun ban.

rob j

south Africa gov recently told white farmers to hand in their guns…………..south Africa gov is passing a law to take farmers land without compensation… trudeau loves south africa


A firearm is an inanimate object. Assault is an action. A firearm cannot suddenly come to life and commit an assault or perform any other action. The term “assault weapon” is nothing more than a corruption of language to further a predetermined end not supported by any evidence. “Evidence-based policy” has become policy skewed “evidence”. For the logic to be consistent, we would have to refer to the particular makes and models of trucks, vans & cars that have been used to inflict murder and injury as “assault vehicles”. Licensed firearms owners in Canada commit crimes (any crime) at a… Read more »

Ken (Kulak)

My late father-in-law could remember when Lenin’s Chekist thugs came around and collected all the firearms in all the villages in the 1917-21 period.


Trudeau is Canada’s Obama! A socialist\Marxist\Dictator not good for Canada!

Clive Edwards

Turdo gives turkeys a bad name.


Groping is caused by hands