Trudeau’s Weak First Ministers Meeting Agenda Shows His Fear Of Confronting The Damage He’s Doing To Canada

Why else would he be trying to ignore the biggest problems facing our nation?

Canada is facing numerous crises.

In particular, our energy industry is in crisis, GM is leaving Oshawa, and investment is collapsing across the country, not to mention the damage the carbon tax will do.

So, you would think that a meeting of Justin Trudeau and the Premiers would be focused on addressing those problems.

Well, that’s not how Trudeau wanted it.

The agenda for the First Ministers meeting ignored those key issues, and was instead an effort to promote what the government has ‘already done.’

In short, it was about ignoring the real issues, and giving Trudeau a free campaign advertisement.

But the Premiers aren’t having it. The objections were strongest from Alberta and Ontario, with demands to put the oil crisis and the carbon tax on the agenda.

Yet, it shouldn’t even have come to this.

Trudeau and the feds should have put those key issues on the agenda to begin with.

So why didn’t they?

It’s because Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are afraid of confronting the damage they’ve done, and are doing, to the country.

The carbon tax is widely hated, and people are turning against carbon taxes around the world.

Trudeau is now taking direct blame for the oil industry crisis he caused with his anti-energy industry policies.

And his USMCA trade deal ‘win’ is turning out to be a big time surrender and loss for Canada.

All around him, his policies and his ideology are failing, and he’s desperate to avoid acknowledging that.

Hence the weak, self-serving, and out-of-touch First Ministers meeting agenda that his government tried to foist on the Premiers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

I am sure that all the premiers across Canada Are aware of the damage that Turdeau and the Liberal govt have done to Canada, so they better hold the Traitor Turdeau accountable and don,t come away from the meeting empty handed if they themselves want to stay in power,I would be leery about the NDP in BC


Horgan will drop to his knees and assume the position to pander to the enviro-fascists and to implement Trudeau’s anti-Canada policies. Horgan should be worried about the near unrestricted flow of deadly drugs entering Canada through his province. He does little except complain and buy more Naloxone so junkies can be resuscitated to commit another crime, all the while the entire West coast is wide open. Horgan is part of the drug crisis in Canada.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Leery? Horgan is a leftist traitor like Trudeau is a Globalist traitor.


The lists of all the hate Canada policies keeps growing, not only do we need to get a “FOR” Canada real Canadian whole Parliament and Prime Minister, we need to make all of these “brainwashed Globalist religion believers” leave the country before we are destroyed financially and do not have a country left.


Keep pressuring this tool to be responsible


Is Trudeau playing Gomer Pyle from USMC? Oh, Gomer was funny, Trudeau is stupid and not funny.


I wanna see that boy cry for real! for reel!!!! If you say that your brain or your mind is reeling, you mean that you are very confused because you have too many things to think about. Is that so?? Monsignor Justin Pierre Trudeau. For real! BON VOYAGE!!!!!!! MTF!!!!

Beverley Campbell

Weak is the correct word to use to describe this empty man who somehow got to be PM based on name recognition alone. Populist politicians are the current strongmen, among the Trump and Ford and if the Liberals had any brains they would sort through their members, find the strongest, most outspoken decent human being and send the Turd to a rest home, otherwise, lights out Liberals.


not a rest home – a max jail for the rest of his life

Major Tom

Trudeau……continuing to maintain a low standard which he fails to achieve!