Stats Canada Says Economy Created Jobs, But Wage Growth Falls Far Below Inflation Rate

That means Canadians are – in real terms – getting poorer.

Beleagured Stats Canada – who recently had to back down on their awful plan to take the banking information of Canadians without permission – are saying that the Canadian economy created 94,100 jobs in November.

While the establishment media will certainly focus all their attention on that top-line number, there is a deeper story to be told here.

First of all, such a big jump in one month is often a prelude to that figure being revised downward in the next month, or with large declines in upcoming months to offset it.

Second, it’s interesting timing to see such a big jump, considering how much economic damage the Trudeau Liberals have been doing. Some people will certainly question the timing here.

Third, considering that the employment numbers are still weak for the year, even amid rapid population growth, the long-term picture is not good.

And finally, the real story here is that wage growth was just 1.7%, the worst increase since July of 2017. For permanent workers, wages were up just 1.5%, the worst in over 12 months.

Here’s why that matters:

Canada’s current inflation rate is 2.44%, far above the 1.7% wage growth. What that means is that everyone in Canada is – in real terms – falling further behind and becoming poorer.

That’s why the government never likes to compare the inflation rate to wage growth, because if they actually used the real numbers in an honest way, they would have to admit that things are getting worse, and prosperity is actually receding.

So, while the Trudeau government and the establishment media will try to push their false narrative on the Stats Canada jobs report, you can help share this article to show what’s really going on:

Things aren’t getting better in Canada. They’re getting worse.

Spencer Fernando


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Don Taylor

Jordan Peterson the scholar describes Trudeau as being a like a man that has never grown up, both in his actions and intellectually,most people would agree that after seeing the damage that he and his adviser Gerry Butts have done to Canada


You cannot believe Statscan, you can’t believe U.N.LIEberal media, and you can’t believe the U.N. puppets ruining our country

Troy Whitehead

Where is this supposed wage growth?

Government workers and big business managers.

Elaine Teichgraber

Listening to BNN Bloomberg this morning and when David Prince of Harbinger Capital Markets Research was asked what he thought of the Stats Can number regarding job growth for the month he said “We have a problem with Stats Can” implying that they’re fudging/playing with the numbers to make the government look good. I agree. The number don’t add up. There is a lack of integrity in all associations with the federal Liberals.


I think these numbers are fairy dust. 94K in Canada but 140K in the States?? Something is BS. By the way, Public Service jobs are not jobs that have been created by anything but big Government. Seems to me there was some kind of campaign promise about reducing the size of Government. More Liberal lies?

The only relevant jobs that are ever created are done in and by the private sector, jobs that actually produce more than they consume. Government jobs consume.