Stephen Harper Is Right. Canada Needs To Ban Huawei From Our Network Infrastructure.

There is no such thing as a ‘private company’ in China. The Communist Party controls it all.

With fears about Huawei’s potential for espionage and infiltration of 5G networks in free countries, and the arrest of Huawei’s CFO, there are growing calls for Canada to follow in the footsteps of our key allies, including the United States and Australia and ban Huawei.

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper has added his name to those calling for a ban:

Said Harper“These are organizations, ultimately tightly tied to the Chinese security apparatus, and we think there are some real, serious issues there. The United States is encouraging Western allies to essentially push Huawei out of the emerging 5G network, and my personal view is that is something Western countries should be doing in terms of our own long-term security issues.”

You can watch Harper’s remarks on the issue below:

Harper is right. Huawei should be banned from participation in Canada’s 5G networks, or any involvement in Canada’s infrastructure.

In fact, Huawei should be banned from Canada outright.

It must be realized that there is no such thing as a private company in China. Every company is beholden to, and effectively run by the Communist Party.

The Communist Party of China is an avowed opponent of individual freedom and liberty, and we cannot allow companies controlled by the Communist State to operate in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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David Kahn

While there are strong and legitimate reasons to create safeguards to ensure that communications technology from Chinese companies from cannot be used for unlawful espionage purposes, a blanket ban on the technology may not be in anyone’s interests. China invests considerably in Canada and the management style used is generally quite enlightened.


It is going to very interesting to see what our fearless “leader” does here as I can’t help but think, judging from his actions, that he also “is an avowed opponent of individual freedom and liberty”. This same “leader”, who admires China’s “basic dictatorship”, and who seems bent on turning Canada into one as well.

Brian Dougan

Response from the MSM: Harper is mouthing “hate speech,” about the Chinese. He’s a “racist.” An old White bigot. Don’t listen to him. Turdeau will give Huawei full access to Canadian intelligence, and provide them with a billion dollar; tax free; grant. Forget mosques; Buddhist temples will be popping up all over Vancouver. A giant statue of Confucius will be placed in Stanley Park. Entrepreneurial young Caucasian Canadians will place their shoe shining stations all over Vancouver’s “business” district–to shine the shoes of wealthy Chinese money launderers. Canada’s future belongs to the dragon!! Thank you Trudope!!


I agree totally with you Spencer. This has been talked about for years and it is time to get a real FOR Canada government like we had with The Right Honorable Stephen Harper, as this would be fixed – the right way already, instead of Truedope and his communist U.N. puppets trying to distance themselves from yet another problem, as with the LIEberal agenda they can use this also as an excuse for the big fraud election these dictators are creating. I hope Mr. Scheer is looking at ways to watch this next election, or it will be fixed like… Read more »


Sheer? HaHaHaHa. You don’t get it do you. He’s there to split the conservative vote and ensure that Trudeau is around for a long time.

don morris

Nancy, in what way was the last federal election fixed?

I know Tides Canada claimed they had influenced 25 Ridings, but that is probably just more of their arrogance.
Elections Canada is run by solid unbiased Liberals, so the counts might be suspicious, but no one could have had enough wizardry to win as big as the LPC did in 2015.

I doubt Scheer is watching anything, as an Ottawa-born baby, he probably loves and trusts the system even more than Trudeau. We have to beat these Liberal globalists, somehow, but I have little faith we can.


Why not apply that logic to all Chinese made goods; oh that’s right, our currency is worthless and we can only afford slave-labour products. If it wasn’t so expensive to change phones I’d switch to Huawei just for the sake of doing it. Look at the Western World trembling in fear of China. If the fear is justified then it is also well deserved.