WATCH: McKenna Says She Doesn’t Want “Fights” As She Fights Against Canadians Who Oppose The Carbon Tax

If McKenna didn’t want “fights,” she and Trudeau would repeal the carbon tax.

In the latest example of Trudeau government hypocrisy, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna claimed in a recent speech to the Empire Club that she doesn’t want “fights.”

On Twitter, she repeated that messaging:

“I don’t want to fight with other politicians. I want to fight climate change. I want to fight for more jobs. I want to fight for more investment. I want to fight for Canada being the model for the world.”

Of course, McKenna and Trudeau’s policies have done the opposite of everything she claims to want.

Canada’s emissions are going up far more than in the United States (where they are going down), even though the U.S. doesn’t have an economically-crippling carbon tax.

Investment in Canada is falling.

And when it comes to being a model for the world, the massive backlash towards carbon taxes around the globe – particularly in France – shows that the only thing Canada is modelling is how to have a totally out of touch government that acts against the interests of its citizens.

Finally, as we’ve all seen, McKenna and Trudeau’s carbon tax is the cause of massive fights against the provinces. Even when governments have been explicitly elected on a platform of opposing the carbon tax, the Trudeau Liberals refuse to listen, forcing it on unwilling Canadians and unwilling provinces. It’s McKenna and Trudeau who are causing the fights and division in the country.

So, for McKenna to claim she doesn’t want fights against other politicians is the height of hypocrisy, and it’s a claim with zero credibility.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Don Piche

This Climate Bimbo Dimwit doesn’t want Canadians to fight her Shameless & Corrupt Gov’t over provoking us into Bankruptcy & destroying the fabric of our Country; all while simultaneously dictating that they demand we accept being mere paupers to their INSANITY??!!!

Ken (Kulak)

She and PM Butts started this fight and now wants everyone to meekly roll over.

Too bad Canadians are too polite to don yellow vests and those in our major cities too ignorant to realize what is being foisted on us.


When she says she does not want fights, she means she does not want anyone to oppose.

Dale Evjen

Isn’t it spelt ‘hypocrazy’?!


And to think our taxes pay for this useless idiot

Ron. Wood

She doesn’t want to fight; she just wants us to lay down so she can steamroll over us.

Fred Dimmick

The world will ignore the Canadian Leftist efforts to be “The Model” and trying this insanity will destroy us.

Clive Edwards

I’ll bet that banshee McKenna even screams at the cats, if she has any. They don’t want her back in Ireland, that’s for sure.

don morris

No, of course she doesn’t want fights, she wants total capitulation! Every person on a fixed income should E-mail or write the Minister stating how the carbon tax will affect them negatively, and I hope no one is dumb enough to believe the pittance in rebates will make up for the difference in the price of everything.

The Ottawa bunch is immune to these type of machinations but millions of US will suffer the consequences. If for no other reason,the carbon tax should be enough to make every non-wealthy Canadian vote the Liberals OUT of Office in 2019.

Al Beau

The carbon tax is a fraud, a scam, a money grab…a NWO tool… We are made of carbon and need the carbon to live, the plant and the sea needs it as we need it… So no carbon = no life… But can do without industrial pollution and chemtrail and HAARP and DEW and liberal government corruption…

tommy hawk

McKenna, as with all of the Liberal Party of Canada is living in a ‘Disneyland’ and run down a ‘yellow brick road’ to get where they believe everyone should be. When those they rule do not accept their version of the ‘way of things, they throw a tantrum, just as does every immature child who may not like the medicine that was prescribed for them. Immaturity in motion.


Par for the course, McKenna is delusional — about most everything she comments on. That is the typical Liberal response whenever they are challenged. Now she is worried about ‘icebergs off the Newfoundland coast.’ My goodness, what next? Icebergs are common along the Newfoundland coast but, if she is as unaware of that reality as she demonstrates, I suppose it is possible that her mind is equally unaware of other ‘facts’ she rants about. In either case, it is another sign of Liberal intolerance to any opinion that differs from their own.