POLL: Conservatives Lead Trudeau Liberals By 9 Points

Forum Poll projects Conservative majority if election held today.

The Conservatives have a 9 point lead over the Trudeau Liberals according to the latest Forum Research Poll.

Here are the key numbers:

Conservatives – 43%, Liberals – 34%, NDP – 11%, Greens – 6%, Bloc – 4%

The Conservative lead is based primarily on strong support from their large lead among men. Over half of male respondents (51%) said they would vote Conservative.

Based on those numbers, Forum projects the Conservatives would win 180 seats, while the Liberals would win 140.

Scheer has also caught up to Trudeau on the ‘best prime minister’ question.

While Trudeau usually led in that measure by a large amount, he now leads by just 1 point. 33% say Trudeau would be the best PM, while 32% pick Scheer.

Scheer also has a better net approval rating of -2 (33% approve, 35% disapprove), while Trudeau’s net approval is – 16 (38% approve, 54% disapprove).

The numbers for Jagmeet Singh are terrible. He has just 20% approval, while 41% disapprove.

Overall, these are good results for the Conservatives. However, the Forum Poll has regularly shown more positive results for the Conservatives than other polling companies, and an aggregated look at the numbers still shows a close race between the top two parties.

There is no room for complacency.

Spencer Fernando

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I find it hard to believe there are still that many people that would vote for him.

Michael A Pope

Here is a question! put yourself in this situation . You have survived an aircraft accident and tramped thru northern Manitoba for one day and part of a night and come across a building with a snowplowed road—-you are saved you think it is 26 degrees F and blowing 15 knots your clothing is wet from exertion. There is an insulated pipe and a partial shelter with a shower head , A warning sign that reads HOT SHOWER WITH MIND READING SWITCH –DISROBE AND STAND UNDER THE SHOWER AND YOU WILL BE BATHED IN 79 Deg. WATER FOR EIGHT HOURS… Read more »

Ivan Hawkes

Canadians, (new Canadians or generations established Canadians) need to be realistic in this upcoming election. Put emotions aside. You must look at a practical view, a realistic view. You may wish Mr. Sheer was more macho or had a deeper voice, you may wish he seemed more relaxed. Even so, you need to realize that Justin is destroying the Canadian economy, he has ruined numerous international relationships with Canada, that Justin is sacrificing Canadians to satisfy the globalist UN, and that Justin is irresponsible and irrational dealing with Canada’s future potential and economic stability. Everyone needs to be concerned with… Read more »


Anyone liking Trudeau or LIEberals doesn’t like Canada and “agrees ” to this U.N. run Lieberal post national state with all these new illegal U.N. migrants and an unelected U.N. dictatorship, they really like high taxes and bad rich elite rules and laws etc. As Doug Ford said in Ontario: ” the official opposition is the mainstream media” as the NDP and LIEberals cannot keep up with Conservatives and Alberta is now not the only Trudeaus Butt punching bag as we will now be paying equalization payments, and of the 20 Billion for equalization will go to five Provinces and… Read more »


Great news and in October 2019 we will see a complete Liberal flush…


you can get ideas from rense.com and renseradio.com

You can look up Paul Hellyer money mafia to learn about how the federal government borrows money from banks who create it out of thin air through a process called fractional reserve banking so everybody pays income tax as wage slaves.

It’s good to see a patriotic Canadian voice. Check out some of Jeff Rense’s guests.

russ browne

Other polls are still showing Trudeau in the lead, so who to believe?

Carol Kettles

That’s all nice and good, but it won’t do them a speck of good if they insist on splitting the vote.

don morris

Good news,but from just one pollster,who usually does, as you say, favor the CPC in their polls,just as Nanos favors the LPC in all their polls.
In our Riding, we have a contest for the vacant CPC candidate, the former MP who lost in 2015 turned down the opportunity to run again. Two female candidates are contesting, and there is quite a split between social conservatives and fiscal conservatives, so there may be a split in the vote at election time. We hope not but one-issue voters can be very stubborn.
Let’s hope this is a trend.

Jeff Smith

These polls are wrong, not even close Maxime will take most of Quebec, hell he would have more seats than the NDP , greens and the bloc combined, This is just like the last USA elections where they said Hilary would win a majority and Trump did the complete opposite to what the polls said.

shawn harris

This latest poll is just the end of the beginning ,that will lead to the fall of Trudeau from office. Trudeau’s lies, arrogance, deceit and abuse of the voters, the public can no longer stand. Trudeau can never escape from the consequences of his arrogant and sanctimonious decisions and portrayal of Canadians as being the enemy and blaming everyone else for his failures. You reap exactly what you sow, and now Trudeau is starting to reap a very strong whirlwind of defeat. All of us, Canadians, that desire to preserve what we love and cherish about being Canadian and Canada,… Read more »