POLL: Conservatives Lead Trudeau Liberals By 9 Points

Forum Poll projects Conservative majority if election held today.

The Conservatives have a 9 point lead over the Trudeau Liberals according to the latest Forum Research Poll.

Here are the key numbers:

Conservatives – 43%, Liberals – 34%, NDP – 11%, Greens – 6%, Bloc – 4%

The Conservative lead is based primarily on strong support from their large lead among men. Over half of male respondents (51%) said they would vote Conservative.

Based on those numbers, Forum projects the Conservatives would win 180 seats, while the Liberals would win 140.

Scheer has also caught up to Trudeau on the ‘best prime minister’ question.

While Trudeau usually led in that measure by a large amount, he now leads by just 1 point. 33% say Trudeau would be the best PM, while 32% pick Scheer.

Scheer also has a better net approval rating of -2 (33% approve, 35% disapprove), while Trudeau’s net approval is – 16 (38% approve, 54% disapprove).

The numbers for Jagmeet Singh are terrible. He has just 20% approval, while 41% disapprove.

Overall, these are good results for the Conservatives. However, the Forum Poll has regularly shown more positive results for the Conservatives than other polling companies, and an aggregated look at the numbers still shows a close race between the top two parties.

There is no room for complacency.

Spencer Fernando