Betrayal: Trudeau Government Signs UN Global Compact On Migration, Dealing A Devastating Blow To Canadian Sovereignty

By signing the UN Global Compact, Trudeau is setting up a steady erosion of Canada’s independence, taking power away from the Canadian People.

The Trudeau government has betrayed the Canadian People by signing the UN Global Compact on Migration, dealing a severe blow to Canada’s sovereignty.

The Compact will be used by the Trudeau government to crackdown on the press (at least the ones he isn’t bailing out), by trying to silence any speech that is critical of ‘migration.’

Additionally, the Compact begins a transfer of authority from national governments, to the centralized authority of the United Nations, turning migration (AKA control of national borders), into something dominated by supranational institutions.

It’s a clear step by the global elites and the Trudeau government to wipe out Canada’s borders, and push our nation further in the direction of being a ‘post-national state,’ where Citizenship, borders, and democracy are stripped of all meaning.

And if you had doubts that this deal would shift power to the UN, the Canadian Immigration department is already sharing messaging literally written by the United Nations:

Take note of that: A Twitter account run by the Canadian government is sharing a graphic written up by the UN.

And note something else: The UN graphic is already setting us up to expect more and more and more migration, saying “migration will most likely continue to increase.”

They don’t want us to even have a choice.

The agenda here is clear. Trudeau and the global elites are transferring away Canada’s sovereignty, giving it up to the UN, using UN messaging on Canadians, and preparing a crackdown on all who ‘dare’ to dissent.

This a disturbing moment for our country, and the Canadian People must speak out and make our voices heard against the UN Global Compact.

Nothing less than our sovereignty and ability to make decisions for ourselves as Canadians is at stake.

Spencer Fernando


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Don Taylor

I have said it before and I will SAYit again TRUDEAU is a TRAITOR to Canada

Bruce Miller

Trudeau is a dumbbell in the hands if criminals!


I believe this will mean war! The U.N. will try to flood America with illegals and try to enforce it with their soldiers! The US needs to recall all our military home and prepare!

Barbara Jean

luckily Trump has been preparing for this for two years and he will use National Security to enforce whatever the US needs to repel invaders. Even God forbid Canadians under a hypnotic spell.


Andrew Scheer and the conservatives have already tried to stop this, but are out numbered but if elected they will stop this and try getting Canada back with borders and laws again for controlled legal immigration. This next election is to save what was our Canada. We must spread the word, the bank I go to is now reading Spencer after they did not know about the Stats Can grab of private banking information that I still do not believe was stopped as they were going to and we Canadians were not to know. We must support Spencer and the… Read more »

Moe. S.

The Red Star (Toronto) joined the propaganda. Today’s headline “UN Migration Pact Hailed as ‘Milestone.’ Column written by Immigration reporter Nicholas Keung, the UN pact will help promote “safe, orderly and regular” migration says federal Min. Ahmed Hussen. He went on to say the 200 action item in the pact reflect Canadian practices and aligned with the compacts objectives and commitments. Ahmed Hussen neglected to mention UN migrants will be considered ‘citizens of the UN.’ They will have UN jurisdiction rights which will subvert the laws of their host countries. Migrants will have the right to move to wealthier countries… Read more »


With Merkel gone and Macron in trouble, Canada under Trudeau is the new Petri dish for Globalist experimentation. As a bonus, we’re right next door to the US, the ultimate target for UN/EU control.

Ed Peeebles

What Does the USA say about this violation of our common Border ?


We will militarize the Northern border if necessary….


If this truly happens and the UN tries to flood the US border-it will mean WAR!

wilson Shea

Great question.


I’m down here for the winter & many I have talked with are thinking of a northern wall as well.

David Cameron

Tell them that as a Canadian I think they should close the border

Mike Allan

Well citizens that write opinions on Spencer’s open conservative website.A few days ago you made it perfectly clear when I wrote that trudope would be signing the migration pact with the globalist UN. I was really wishing I was wrong and you we’re right to give me 21 thumbs down.Our little socialist dictator signed the migration pact late Monday Dec10/2018.I believe if we stand together as one nation we can defeat trudope and the globalist UN just as Italy did.

Margaret Louise

This video was revelatory for me. Vital info!
They want to give all UN Migrants the right to vote.

Diane DiFlorio

Agreed, I encourage folks to listen to the video above and share, share, share !! This is NOT the future anyone wants.

Major Tom

Treason…..noun…..’the crime of betraying one’s own country….’ ie. Justin Trudeau…..defined!


A sad day indeed. We won’t know our own country in a mere 5 years. So tragic.


Soy boy’s t-shirt should say “Globalist Marionette”. Canada’s immigration now in the hands of unelected foreign officials with no accountability to Canadian citizens. UN ‘progressives’ want Canada to take in as many as 100 million.


The honest truth is that migration is something that is happening, and we had little control over it to begin with. People will move to try to improve their lives. You’re the child of immigrants yourself, so I would have expected you to understand that it’s better to be welcoming of change and adapt than it is to resist and perish.

Moe. S.

I’m not going to give you a thumbs down, but rather direct you to Associate Professor Salim Mansur, Prof. of Political Science Western University. Google his ‘Youtube’ website. He has researched the impact the UN Global Compact will have Canada. Check it out, perhaps you’ll become better informed?

Peter Hessels

We were never asked

richard smith

So, you’re saying “don’t resist or you’ll perish”? I know you Canadians are very nice people. but I never thought you would shrink like a violet and sell out your values with out a fight to the death. Since Americans can get a little too angry, I’ll sign off now.


I have read that in France they are screaming that they need Trump, in Canada our LIEberal bought out media condemns him but I am hearing over and over again that we need your American President Trump as well, but the LIEberal corruption, and fake election like a cancer and supported by USA Democrats and Soros has made a horrible mess here too, and sadly we will probably have to fight a war or go down like Venezuela.

Diane DiFlorio

The horrors we will all soon be facing. Get prepared folks !

D McKibbon

The most anti-Canadian government in Canadian history.
They are a menace.


Indeed, this is a very disturbing, stupid decision. Where can we get our YELLOW WESTS?

richard smith

Yellow Vests all around, now you’re talking. Be bold and have no fear, it’s your country so fight for it. Your children will thank you for doing so.


Absolutely total silence from the media on the protests about Global migration pact and yes we now know where there loyalty stands…

Kenneth mayer

This prime minister is no better then is father was what were csnadians thinking believing in this useless liar


Lol. His father was Fidel Castro. So maybe he is folliwing in communist footsteps. The IS will defend the border. It will not be Canadians rushing it. well maybe they will be running away? But more likely will be same huge military and all new toys from Santa Trump at Christmas. No contest. Even UN equipment is shabby in comparison.


Trump is now using China as a nutcracker to crunch Trudeau’s nuts! petty?


Trump is now using China as a nutcracker to crunch Trudeau’s nuts!


BTW if your border patrol is going to the UN that means that your borders will be closed to the USA. That is a bad thing. No more freedom of movement without the UN getting involved. Stop this nonsense now . France has the right idea and their people are bring their Government to their knees. You should do the same.

Bruce Cain

It seems odd to consider a developed European nation as oppressed, but the Macron regime has removed even the semblance of a government by the people. But looking closely at the Yellow Jackets’ foreign affairs demands, it appears these also reflect the Trump Administration’s concerns.

Exit from NATO and foreign wars.
End the flow of immigrants into France.
The excessive control French liberals have over media and propaganda resources in France may have slowed the political winds of change. But make no mistake about it, the French people are demanding a Trumpian revolution. Viva la France and MAGA!

Tim Douglas

Trudeau just sold out our country and its people. Get him out of government before the people born in this country are a minority. His father must be rolling in his grave. Watching his son sell us out.


What happened? How did I miss the months and months of media chatter and public consultation on a matter of such great importance for Canada? Maybe, to quote Dr.Hook, “I got stoned and I missed it, I got stoned and I missed it, I got stoned, and it rolled right by.”


I can’t imagine our President will take this lightly. Seems we will now have to be guarding both borders in the USA. Very sad day for Canada! I hope they find a way to undo this disaster!

Raymond Perkins

Looking like the U.S. might have to build a wall between the U.S. and Canada now.

tommy hawk

The moment ‘he’ declared our borders to be open he also, intentionally, acted against the best interests of Canada and placed the population of Canada in jeopardy which was an act of treason, as defined in every dictionary I can find. Now we wait to see if there are any in the ‘legal profession’ with the temerity to actually lay such a charge — but we know better than to hold our collective breath in anticipation. Another clear sign that Canada is in extreme danger as a country.

tommy hawk

With respect to your article on Mr. Quiggin and others contacting Commissioner Lucki of the RCMP there was no place to make comment — why? In order to comment, I am using this page and my comment is very short and simple. Commissioner Lucki is no more and no less than a figurehead put in by Trudeau so he can point to her and use her as an example of his penchant to appoint females to any and all high profile jobs (the G.G. comes to mind) regardless of qualifications or lack thereof — and I take no issue with… Read more »


What is the crackdown mentioned regarding non cooperation?