Betrayal: Trudeau Government Signs UN Global Compact On Migration, Dealing A Devastating Blow To Canadian Sovereignty

By signing the UN Global Compact, Trudeau is setting up a steady erosion of Canada’s independence, taking power away from the Canadian People.

The Trudeau government has betrayed the Canadian People by signing the UN Global Compact on Migration, dealing a severe blow to Canada’s sovereignty.

The Compact will be used by the Trudeau government to crackdown on the press (at least the ones he isn’t bailing out), by trying to silence any speech that is critical of ‘migration.’

Additionally, the Compact begins a transfer of authority from national governments, to the centralized authority of the United Nations, turning migration (AKA control of national borders), into something dominated by supranational institutions.

It’s a clear step by the global elites and the Trudeau government to wipe out Canada’s borders, and push our nation further in the direction of being a ‘post-national state,’ where Citizenship, borders, and democracy are stripped of all meaning.

And if you had doubts that this deal would shift power to the UN, the Canadian Immigration department is already sharing messaging literally written by the United Nations:

Take note of that: A Twitter account run by the Canadian government is sharing a graphic written up by the UN.

And note something else: The UN graphic is already setting us up to expect more and more and more migration, saying “migration will most likely continue to increase.”

They don’t want us to even have a choice.

The agenda here is clear. Trudeau and the global elites are transferring away Canada’s sovereignty, giving it up to the UN, using UN messaging on Canadians, and preparing a crackdown on all who ‘dare’ to dissent.

This a disturbing moment for our country, and the Canadian People must speak out and make our voices heard against the UN Global Compact.

Nothing less than our sovereignty and ability to make decisions for ourselves as Canadians is at stake.

Spencer Fernando


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