CLUELESS: O’Regan Compares Leaving Journalism To Veterans Struggling Leaving The Military


Seamus O’Regan, Justin Trudeau’s pick for Veterans Affairs Minister, continues to show his total incompetence and unfitness for the job.

Speaking to a group of Canadian soldiers, O’Regan compared leaving journalism to the struggles faced by Veterans leaving the military:

“When Veterans Affairs Minister Seamus O’Regan left journalism, it was, he said, “a shock to his system” — a painful time in his life.

And that — he told a roomful of soldiers and civil servants Monday — has given him insight into how members of the Canadian military feel as they take off their uniforms for the last time.”

His comments didn’t go over well:

“Good Lord, what a insensitive and inaccurate thing to say,” said Barry Westholm, a former master warrant officer and sergeant-major for the Joint Personnel Support Unit (JPSU) in Eastern Ontario. He resigned from the military to protest the deterioration of the unit that was supposed to help guide injured soldiers back to their jobs or out of the military. “It shows me he has no concept of what he is dealing with.”

O’Regan has been a terrible Veterans Affairs Minister from day one. He even publicly attacked a Veteran for spreading ‘false’ info, except that it turned out the Veteran was telling the truth about the Liberals betraying a campaign promise, while it was O’Regan who was being deceptive.

O’Regan should have been fired long ago, and it’s quite clear that the Veterans Affairs Minister post should only be filled by a Canadian Veteran.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Troy Whitehead

Seamus should open up to his PTSD issues and his financial suffering and…oh, that’s right, he doesn’t have those issues.

Paul ouellet

You tell me that any liberal is competent enough to do the job it’s a joke

.Peter black

The number of incompetents in butts gang is staggering the.PMO is losing control and the truth is emerging


A typical Liberal, totally disconnected from reality. Do these people live in some sort of fantasy world?


Yes they do, sort of … all one needs to remember is that “liberalism is a mental disorder” …

alan skelhorne

yes its called the liberal world.

rob j

perhaps the alcohol abuse has damaged his thinking