Corrupt System: Quebec Government Getting Over $1 BILLION More In ‘Equalization’ Payments As Alberta Faces Crisis

The equalization system must be scrapped or massively changed, or else Canada’s national unity will collapse.

The corrupt attitude at the heart of Canada’s equalization system has been brought into clearer focus, with news that Quebec is poised to get a massive boost in so-called ‘equalization’ payments, even as Alberta faces a severe crisis.

Those payments are financed primarily from Alberta, who watch as the wealth generated by Albertans is stolen away from them and given to other provinces.

And worst of all, one of the biggest recipients of equalization is the Quebec government, who have said they won’t allow any new oil pipelines through their province. Quebec also has a large budget surplus, yet they are still taking the money from Alberta anyway.

So, the Quebec government is glad to take the money generated by Alberta’s oil industry, but they’re blocking Alberta from being able to strengthen their oil industry and get their product across the country.

How the hell can that even be allowed?

There is now zero doubt that the equalization system must be scrapped, and provinces need to succeed on their own merits, rather than taking from other provinces. The only alternative is that conditions must be placed on provinces that take equalization funds – such as not being allowed to block pipelines from the provinces paying the bills.

Unless there is a significant change, Canada’s national unity will collapse, and that collapse will be led by a surge in fully-justified Western Alienation.

Spencer Fernando


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Gerri Page

Trudeau is not here for Canada or Canadians and treats our money/borrowed now as his own piggy bank. I consider him a traitor to Canada and Canadians. Too bad the voters didn’t do their research before voting in this child PM who never had to work for a living and is clueless about politics other than what he reads or is told to say. Now he acts like a dictator therefore, before it is too late, he must be voted out before Canada changes for the worst.

Canadian Patriot

Newfoundland and Labrador and Saskatchewan should have been mentioned in this article. As a Newfoundlander I am sick and tired of our resources being raped since we joined Confederation and mainly Quebec and Ontario benefiting from it, (no Province brought into Confederation the amount NL did). I am also sick of Canadians that don’t have a clue about my Province, history or people and only stand up for certain Provinces or “tribes”.


do you have a clue about any other provinces,, we are all sick and tired. There was a time when Ontario was the wealthy province and it was Ontario doling out to all the others.. The information is there,, FIND IT, I did

Brian Dougan

There ought to be blood in the streets by now. How much more will Albertans–and Canadians–tolerate? Quebec played the separation card to their advantage. Alberta must do the same; ten times over. I’m not against Quebec; but what do they contribute to this country? Not much. We’re now in a different world; it’s time to play hardball. However; nothing in Alberta will change–until their socialist Premier Nutjob (Notley) is sent packing.

Gonzo the Magnificent

AGREED! I am from Ontario. The only way to gain respect especially if Trudeau is reelected – and I believe he will be – is to start a separatist party! It works for Quebec!

Frustrated Canadian

And Quebec’s total transfer this year is larger than THE TOTAL OF ALL OTHER RECIPIENT PROVINCES COMBINED. Quebec does not include its revenues from selling hydro-electric power, much of which is re-sells after buying it very cheaply from Newfoundland under a decades-old contract, which Quebec refuses to renegotiate. That contract was signed by then-premier of Newfoundland Joey Smallwood because then-prime minister Lester Peason (Liberal) asked him to do so for “national unity.” The only thing Quebec cares about is Quebec, and the rest of Canada are fools not to react accordingly.


I think our Laurentian one world elites are close to breaking our country up – U.N. run post national – pan Canada. Ontario now is a “have province” Ha Ha, since we now have the Conservatives and we also are back paying for the now five Provinces that are somehow still have not, as is Ontario, thanks to the LIEberals, – our health care transfer has also been cut, and we will be supplying the ? fake Feds with 13+ billion including the 8 billion used for transfer payments. Out of 20 billion used for equalization Quebec is getting 13… Read more »

Mike Allan

The damage to Canada just keeps adding up every time trudope has a hand in controlling our finances and our country’s welfare.

Norbert Kausen

All I can say is Alberta and Saskatchewan secede from confederation and while they are at it, Ontario as well! Trudeau has effectively destroyed Canada with the signing of the UN global migrnt compact, so Canada is no longer viable! It, therefore, beghoves the provices to separate from a sinking ship, because if we don’t, we will sink with it!


I live in Alberta, people are losing their homes and moving out of Alberta, because the corrupt Liberal and NDP Government have closed the oil industry down, and our high taxes, yet we still have to take care Quebec and these other have not Province’s, it is a crime how we in Alberta, are being taken advantage of. We have to get rid of the transfer payment! We have to vote Trudeau and Notley out!


Pay the welfare cheque with Western tar sands oil at world prices and let Quebec figure it out.

shawn harris

This outright theft of Alberta’s wealth, while Alberta is going through Trudeau’s deliberate system of managing the oil industry into being fully phased out , is massively outrageous. Since when can Quebec, by any stretch of the imagination or financial measurement be considered a have not province worthy of our tax dollars. Especially when Quebec’s previous government posted four years of budget surpluses, meaning they didn’t need the extra tax dollars to meet their citizens needs or pay the provinces bills. To give the lion’s share of our hard earned tax dollars to a province with surplus cash, is beyond… Read more »

Moe. S.

Federal Conserv. MP. Lisa Raitt on CTV’s Question Period mentioned the Liberals “are moving money around in the billions, i.e., the unemployment (IE) benefit account, which was a balanced budget when Liberals took office.” She stated, “we should be concerned” because that IE money has to be returned eventually. In the new year, Trudeau’s gov’t will raise the IE and CPP tax on all employers and employee’s. The question we should be asking? “Where did Trudeau find one billion in money for Quebec.”


I agree, Trudeau is very corrupt and sneaky.


If the west was smart they would sever at the Manitoba Ontario border and go it alone. Quebec has done nothing but blackmail Canada for generations.


Please include Ontario!

Don Taylor

Trudeau govt Is probably the most CORRUPT govt in Canadian History


Trudeau has a goal in creating poverty in the west/Alberta . It’s not stupidity or an accident. What is the purpose? Poor people are docile? Or people who vote conservative need to be made docile. This is also a test for the West. Is quiet dispair the only Canadian way of protesting/

louis Joannette