Corrupt System: Quebec Government Getting Over $1 BILLION More In ‘Equalization’ Payments As Alberta Faces Crisis

The equalization system must be scrapped or massively changed, or else Canada’s national unity will collapse.

The corrupt attitude at the heart of Canada’s equalization system has been brought into clearer focus, with news that Quebec is poised to get a massive boost in so-called ‘equalization’ payments, even as Alberta faces a severe crisis.

Those payments are financed primarily from Alberta, who watch as the wealth generated by Albertans is stolen away from them and given to other provinces.

And worst of all, one of the biggest recipients of equalization is the Quebec government, who have said they won’t allow any new oil pipelines through their province. Quebec also has a large budget surplus, yet they are still taking the money from Alberta anyway.

So, the Quebec government is glad to take the money generated by Alberta’s oil industry, but they’re blocking Alberta from being able to strengthen their oil industry and get their product across the country.

How the hell can that even be allowed?

There is now zero doubt that the equalization system must be scrapped, and provinces need to succeed on their own merits, rather than taking from other provinces. The only alternative is that conditions must be placed on provinces that take equalization funds – such as not being allowed to block pipelines from the provinces paying the bills.

Unless there is a significant change, Canada’s national unity will collapse, and that collapse will be led by a surge in fully-justified Western Alienation.

Spencer Fernando


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