Omar Khadr Says He’s “Suffering,” Wants Permission To Travel To Saudi Arabia & Speak To His Pro-Al-Qaida Sister

How about NO.

Apparently, Omar Khadr’s $10.5 MILLION taxpayer-funded gift from the Trudeau government wasn’t enough.

In fact, he claims he’s still “suffering,” and is demanding a loosening of his bail conditions.

He wants permission to travel to Saudi Arabia, and wants to be able to speak to his sister Zaynab Khadr.

Zaynab Khadr has made statements in support of the Al-Qaida terrorist group.

Amazingly, Khadr – despite being free to travel in Alberta, despite being out of jail, and despite being given $10.5 million – claims he’s “suffering.”

As noted by Global News, “An affidavit by Khadr filed with the court says the impact of his bail conditions are mainly psychological — a daily reminder of what he went through.

“I feel like the indefinite and potentially endless detention that I suffered in Guantanamo Bay is continuing,” he wrote. “I hope that there will be some end to this process, but there is none in sight.”’

This is totally absurd. Despite everything he’s been given – when he should have been given nothing at all – it’s never enough for Khadr. He wants more and more and more.

And knowing how weak the Trudeau government is, Canadians wouldn’t be surprised if he gets even more of what he’s demanding.


Spencer Fernando


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I think most Canadians would like to have seen him remain in prison, the USA wishes Canada still had a fair legal system. Did Trudeau, the Alberta hater make him stay in Alberta as his parole? Then why was he seen freely walking around Parliament in Ottawa, did he break his parole? Why is he not back in prison, oh ya we gave him a whole pile of our tax dollars and Canada is now sadly so corrupt.

don morris

Do you happen to have a link to an article about Omar wandering around Parliament Hill? Not that I’m doubting you, but I never heard of this before,and I DO keep up with the news.
IF he was in Ottawa, he WAS breaking his parole, unless he had special permission from CSC or the National Parole Board. Maybe he just has an ongoing personal invitation from the PMO to visit whenever he wants.

Dave Smith

khadr is pure cancer. I wonder if he’s suffering as much as the family & friends medic he murdered or the serviceman he blinded in one eye. This scourge was caught on CCTV making IEDs. How many people were killed or maimed with those weapons used by the ultimate cowards. The cancer known as trudeau made him a millionaire & tried to hide it from Canadians. trudeau will hopefully rot in Hell for his effort. Zero sympathy for whining, convicted millionaire terrorists. Sickening.

Dave Smith

Oops >>…………. family & friends *of the* medic he murdered ………………

Chris vrecko

Thank you Spencer, have posted and shared. Furious he should be behind damb bars. He sure has a set doesn’t he!


Cry me a river, you murderer….such a suck.
What about the families you deliberately destroyed? Think about their suffering.
No one gives a crap about your petty psychological “suffering ”. Buy yourself a therapist!


Wants to speak to his sister, try the telephone. On the other hand, let him go to Saudi Arabia, then cancel his residency permit, close his bank accounts. There, his and our problems solved.

LaVerne Keller

Exactly Maggat if he wants to travel to Saudi Arabia, than he goes with certain conditions for that permission. Condition one, he surrenders his Canadian passport and never returns to Canada, remain in Saudi if he loves it so much. Second condition he returns each and every penny of that $10.5million to the Canadian tax payers who than send it to the widow and children of the medic TurdDopey has zero say in that period, nor does any lieberal member of parliament.

Don Taylor

It will be a great day when the fool Turdeau is gone


the only answer to that is NO

peter black


Gail McKay

Khadr has also applied for changes to his bail conditions AND wants a Canadian passport to be able to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca…..well, how about ONLY if it costs $10.5 million – the amount he received from our ridiculous government – which would be given to the family of the soldier he killed?

Bruce K

Put poor Omar in a healing lodge. He’ll feel better in no time.

Gloria Saunders

Ahh – Poor little fella – What does he want – another 10.5 million Cdn dollars

Ken Offer

Just where is Omar Khadr at in Alberta, It would be very interesting to know.


And how will he find time for this? From what I herd he is busy spending our tax dollars going to school at Red Deer College

Ken Offer


David Cameron

I’m sure Khadr could squeeze an airline ticket into his measly ten million dollar allowance Justin gave him for his sister to visit him. I’m also sure that Justin would be honoured if Khadr and his sister allowed him to take them out for a night on the town at taxpayers expense to show them how guilty Canadians feel about him trying to kill Canadian troops in Afghanistan when he was only kidding.