REPORT: Federal Government Transfers Tori Stafford Killer Michael Rafferty From Maximum To Medium Security Prison

Another disgraceful failure of ‘justice’ in Canada.

The federal government justice system has transferred Michael Rafferty to a medium security prison.

Rafferty had previously been held in a maximum security prison.

Rafferty and Terri-Lynne McClintic murdered eight year-old Tori Stafford in 2009.

On Facebook, Tori Stafford’s father Rodney Stafford discussed the transfer of Rafferty:

The decision to transfer Rafferty is an absolute disgrace, and it shows how broken our ‘justice’ system has become.

The federal government repeatedly bows down to the worst of the worst, re-victimizing those who lost loved ones by forcing them to watch as the government fails to decisively punish killers.

Canada needs a far tougher justice system, that restores real justice, and that means the death penalty, and lifelong sentences in maximum security prisons for those who commit the most heinous of crimes.

Things can’t go on like this.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Canada is broken as a country with these U.N. disgusting rulers running amok. Maybe LIEberals do not have enough money left in their slush funds to provide law and order, human rights and protection for Canadians. These poor parents.


The Federal government currently is filled with abnormal and senseless individuals

Mike Allan

Seems like par for the course with trudope and the I don’t care libtard government of corrupt judges.Now If it happened to be an illegal or like wise.All charges dropped.

Alexander S. Romanchuk

You dam right we have to reinstate the death penalty for murder. I would go further and state that all those GD sexual predators should be castrated and whipped! We don’t have a justice system, but a legal system that isn’t just. You just watch as economic conditions worsen, there will be MORE violence of every kind and nothing will be done by this federal government, nor the CPCs, to rectify things because they just don’t listen to us.


I think they should do another wide Canadian vote to bring the death penalty back !!!