POLL: Conservatives Lead Liberals By 1

Narrow race between Scheer & Trudeau.

A new Nanos Poll shows the Conservative Party of Canada leading the Trudeau Liberals by the most narrow of margins.

The Conservatives have 34.8%, while the Liberals have 34.1%. The Liberals are down almost four points from last week, while the Conservatives are up by 2.6 points from last week.

Far behind, the NDP are at 15.8%, the Greens are at 8.2%, and the Bloc is at 3.1%.

The new People’s Party of Canada led by Maxime Bernier is at 0.8%.

When it comes to who Canadians would ‘consider’ voting for, 47.1% say they would consider the Liberals, 42.9% say they would consider the Conservatives, and 36.7% say they would consider voting NDP. Currently, 9.7% say they would consider voting for the People’s Party.

This poll somewhat contradicts a recent Forum Research poll which had shown the Conservatives with a 9 point lead over the Liberals.

However, in polls it’s usually the trend that matters more than the specific snapshot numbers, and considering that the Nanos poll usually shows the Liberals with a lead, it’s notable that the Conservatives have closed the gap and overtaken Trudeau.

With more and more fights between the provinces and the federal government, and with anger rising nationwide towards the corrupt equalization system that is funneling money from much of the country into Quebec at a rapid pace, the divisions in our political system and our nation are becoming more and more pronounced.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter