REPORT: Budget Deficit Could Be Billions Of Dollars Larger Than Trudeau Claimed

Surely, Justin Trudeau wouldn’t lie about the budget deficit would he…

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals said the budget deficit would be $18 billion.

While that’s far larger than what he promised during the campaign, it turns out that even the $18 billion figure appears to be a lie.

The Parliamentary Budget Office is now saying that budget deficits are set to increase.

The PBO also says that the budget deficits are going to be larger than what the Trudeau government is saying:

“When put on a comparable basis, projected budgetary deficits in PBO’s October Economic and Fiscal Outlook are $8.0 billion (0.4 per cent of GDP) larger, on average, over 2018-19 to 2023-24 compared to the Fall Economic Statement. Incorporating the Government’s annual $3 billion risk adjustment narrows this difference to $5 billion. Key discrepancies are attributable to lower income tax revenues ($3.0 billion per year) and GST revenues ($1.0 billion per year), as well as higher operating expenses ($2.4 billion per year).”

The PBO also threw some serious shade on the Trudeau government’s ‘honesty’ in reporting on deficits, in the most polite way possible:

“Parliamentarians may wish to request regular and realistic reporting on the Government’s progress against consistent and measurable fiscal anchors in its budgets and Fall Economic Statements.”

“Regular and realistic,” are two things notably absent from the Trudeau government’s reporting on their massive budget deficits.

Yet again, the Trudeau government attempts to dissemble and deceive the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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