There Are Growing Calls For A Boycott Of Quebec Products

More and more people are turning against the broken & corrupt ‘equalization’ system.

As the Quebec government simultaneously pledges to oppose pipelines carrying Alberta oil, while taking billions from Alberta through the ‘equalization’ system, there is growing hostility and anger in Canada.

The corrupt system is robbing Albertans and people in provinces across the country, including Ontario & Newfoundland & Labrador, all so that billions can flow into Quebec.

In fact, Quebec is getting a whopping $13 billion in money taken from other provinces, which represents the majority of the $20 billion equalization fund.

It’s an outrage and a disgrace.

And people are fed up.

There are now growing calls for a boycott of Quebec products, and those calls are loudest in Alberta.

On Twitter, former Wildrose Party Leader Brian Jean expressed his support for a boycott, and his tweet received a massive amount of support:

“The Premier of Quebec said that “there is no social acceptability for oil in Quebec.” Yet he has no problem taking the transfer payments funded by Alberta oil. Quebec gets around 60% of all equalization. It’s time to start boycotting Quebec products here in Alberta.”

The tweet was shared over 800 times, and received over 1.8 thousand likes.

Here’s some of what people said in response:

These calls for a boycott are understandable, and the anger is fully-justified. After all, the Quebec government is basically boycotting Albertan oil and hurting Alberta workers, and sometimes hardball tactics are the only option left.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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There needs to be a list of the products western consumers can avoid……


The egg cartel is controlled from Quebec. Make damn sure your local grocer is selling eggs produced locally. Same with maple syrup. Product of Ontario, Maine or Vermont. I am not sure where other maple syrups come from.

Dave Smith

Yes, that would be perfect. If anyone has a list & posts it here, I will personally share it as much as I can except for twitter which I am not on. Cheers.


Agreed a list would help Canadians to cross off the list.

Roger Shelswell

That is a great idea John


Agree totally, but please include Ontario. Did you know that all our dairy companies are mostly owned now by one Quebec company, we should buy all our cheese and butter and milk etc. from the USA with our new USMCA. Better if it could be done by the provinces, just refusing to pay this money and going even further in debt, to the corrupt fake feds, while making the rest of Canada bankrupt. They can keep the Corrupt federal U.N. Lieberals too, lets vote for a FOR Canada Government that unites and represents us all fairly. I want Alberta oil… Read more »

Ed Peebles

We Need All Our Equalization Money In Alberta NOW !

Jeff Smith

I’m from Ontario and I won’t buy Quebec products or goods. Well its hard to tell what is and isn’t made in Quebec, but if its clearly labeled I won’t be buying it.

Roger Shelswell

I have boycotted Quebec products for years. I would not intentionally buy anything from there.I would rather buy American made.

jared ethier

I have avoided buying anything made in que. for many years. there number one focus is to ruin Canada .
They have a welfare mentality starting with Bombardier and it just keeps growing. I won’t travel there or
support anything to do with this province.


Que doesn’t have to focus on ruining Canada, Turdeau has that well in hand.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Finally people in Alberta and Western Canada – excluding B.C. – are waking up. This boycott needs to go mainstream! Good for you! This whole equalization payment scheme is so skewed in Quebec’s favor and Alberta’s disfavor that it is sickening.

Murray Thrasher

Canadians need to have a referendum for Quebec separation. I sick and tired of funding a welfare state!
Oh yah and they can have Trudeau as well!

john harmsworth

The first answer is to match the carbon taxes on Western oil with taxes on Saudi oil coming into Canada. After that, we need to identify the specific products and services that come from Quebec that we can boycott and publicize that list extensively via facebook, twitter, etc. A similar list should be created for B.C. and held in readiness for any continued obstruction from them directed toward Trans-Mountain. Specific efforts should be made to target the lower Mainland so as not to punish the Interior, which is generally favourable to the pipeline.


But the consumer which is us will just pay more for the product!The consumer always pays this carbon tax it’s just added to the price!