FAIL: Bombardier Loses Via Rail Contract To German Company

Why haven’t Bombardier’s executives been fired yet?

Bombardier’s executives have failed again.

The beleaguered and often-bailed out company was defeated in their effort to win a Via Rail contract worth nearly $1 billion.

The contract was for locomotives and train passenger cars.

Instead, the contract went to Siemens AG – a German-based company.

It’s yet another failure for Bombardier, a company led by executives who have shown themselves to be bad at everything except getting bailed out and giving themselves bonuses.

The Trudeau government did not have the ability to direct the contract to Bombardier, because of international ‘free trade’ deals that precluded that possibility.

Once again, the question must be asked: Why haven’t Bombardier’s executives been fired yet?

Spencer Fernando

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Ken (Kulak)

This may be strange coming from a Canadian citizen, but I say good news. May Quebec begin to feel the pain we have in the west.

Ken (Kulak)

To clarify, between the machinations of Quebec and Trudeau (Butts) they killed the Energy East pipeline. So up theirs.

Dave Smith

If incompetence were a commodity they’d be set.


Oh I can see another bailout coming to them since they will need more taxpayer cash to pay the board members bonuses for doing such a great job of sucking money from the taxpayer, all while Alberta is dying & Alberta is forced to bailout kbek again.

shawn harris

In the warped and twisted world of Quebec politics, failures are rewarded with taxpayers money, bailouts are what all socialist call “investing in the future.” Of which Trudeau is a very strong believer. Remember that Trudeau gave away our hard earned tax dollars, some 370 million to Bombardier, even though Bombardier’s top executive said at the time, “thanks for the money, we really don’t need it now, but it is a nice bonus.” You can expect that Trudeau will try to blame this one on Harper as well and then proceed to give Bombardier another billion dollars, as an investment… Read more »

Troy Whitehead

They probably are invited to Vacay with Trudeau’s posse.
It’s the Liberal Mafia in action.


$100 billion chased out of Canada from the resource sector, another billion lost to a foreign company that can deliver as promised ( without massive bottomless welfare cheques ), a car factory closing and thousands losing their jobs and livelihood because of Unifor and the Trudeau / barbie Carbon Tax, a Postal Union union on yet another strike, a NAFTA negotiation that will devastate almost 20% of the dairy industry, China now pissed off and making threats that has caused a huge drop in the Lower BC housing market, almost 200 known experienced ISIS killers lose in this Country and… Read more »


And the TTC is again inviting bids from Bombardier when it can’t even built the street cars that nobody (except the left wing nuts) wanted in Toronto anyways. Great response Del!!


Siemens also builds the cars for Calgary’s C-train system.

.Peter black

Who in their right mind would want to work there

alan skelhorne

now wait a minute here, are you sure this is not a sneaky move put on by trudeau, afterall tweedle dee n tweedle dumb in germany are in cahoots. trudeau-merkel, is there any difference, both are globalists, maybe he wanted to give this to germany because of friendship. this makes me think i am right on this one.

Ron Werner

Well, it “was” a good company originally. I wonder what the variables were that they lost the bid?

Ivan Hawkes

A child involved in a sport who doesn’t try very hard ends up getting a trophy anyway, don’t want to hurt their feelings, right? It teaches them they don’t have to try, they’ll be rewarded anyway. When an executive or technician with Bombadier doesn’t put much effort or energy into their role in the corporation, but they get bonuses anyway, why even try??? It’s free money via the LIEberal government giving away multiples of millions of taxpayers money (that comes with compounding interest). No problem, it’s free (to them, not you).


Bombardier management, a bunch of losers! It is not by the money they earned personally that they make their reputation but by their contribution to the Canadian economy. Right now, they have a minus F.