The Federal Government Gave $10.5 Million To Omar Khadr, But They Won’t Pay $34K For An Air Force Captain’s Prosthetic Leg

How did things get turned so upside down?

We were all outraged when the Trudeau government gave $10.5 million to Omar Khadr.

And that outrage is now further compounded by the fact that the federal government, through the Veterans Affairs Department, is refusing to pay for a $34K prosthetic leg for Air Force Captain Kimberly Fawcett.

A recent Global News article explains the situation:

“Both Fawcett and her husband were members of high readiness units in the Canadian Armed Forces, meaning they could be deployed overseas on short notice and at the same time.

The possibility of a sudden simultaneous deployment of both mom and dad meant the Canadian Armed Forces required the couple to devise a plan to make sure baby Keiran would always have child care, known as the Family Care Plan.

On the morning of Feb. 21, 2006, it looked like a double deployment could be in the works. Fawcett’s husband Curtis was called to the base for workup training to deploy to Africa and her unit was next in line for activation.

Fawcett executed the Family Care Plan with the approval of her commanding officer, donning her uniform and putting her son in the car to drop him at his grandparents’ house.”

Tragically, Fawcett’s vehicle slid off the icy road into the median. She then took her nine month old son and headed for the ditch to get out of the way of oncoming vehicles. But while she was in the ditch, a truck hit a semi and careened into the ditch, hitting Fawcett and her son. Fawcett’s leg was severed, and baby Kieran was thrown under a semi-truck and killed.

Clearly, the circumstances of Fawcett and her husband being in the military were a key factor in what happened, and she was an active member of the Air Force, being willing to defend Canada and serve at a moments notice. Obviously, her injury should have been considered as being when she was on duty.

Yet, for a decade, the government has steadily refused to pay for her $34,000 prosthetic leg.

It’s made all the worse considering the extraordinary dedication Fawcett has shown to her country:

“Against all odds, Capt. Fawcett became the only Canadian woman to deploy to Afghanistan with a prosthetic limb. She served during the height of the Afghanistan war in Kandahar, helping the families of fallen soldiers to process their own losses on bereavement visits.

Despite her dedicated service, Fawcett said she has been betrayed by the very institution and government she has served faithfully.

Prosthetics are expensive, but the Canadian Armed Forces is refusing to pay for Fawcett’s prosthetic leg, disputing whether she was on duty at the time of the accident.

That has left Fawcett on the hook for the cost.”

Keep in mind, the government controls the military, that’s the entire point of ‘civilian control of the military’ in a democratic nation. So, they could order the military to pay for Fawcett’s prosthetic leg. All it would take is a phone call.

Fawcett pointed out the difference between how Omar Khadr has been treated, and how she was treated:

“They bent over backward to be nice to Omar Khadr. To do the right thing even though it wasn’t popular, and then I kinda think… well, I didn’t murder anybody. I didn’t go against my country. I simply served, so why am I being singled out?”

The government must take immediate action and reverse this gross injustice. The Defence Minister or the Prime Minister needs to pick up the damn phone, call the armed forces, and order them to immediately cover the full cost of Fawcett’s prosthetic leg.

Anything less is simply unacceptable.

Spencer Fernando


Trudeau is planning to bailout the establishment media with $600 million taxpayer dollars. He wants to buy them off. But unlike the establishment media, I don’t take taxpayer money. When people contribute to me, they do it voluntarily. If you can, I ask you to support my Independent writing with a monthly contribution through Patreon or by contributing through PayPal at the button below:

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Dave Smith

Hopefully the next government can write some “set in stone” legislation so that cases like this will not be an issue. The current government is pure cancer to Canada & Canadians.

anne Mason

Absolutely shameful!

Phineas Freak

Problem is they obviously aren’t foreign people bent on the destruction of Canada!
There’s your problem!

Gerri Page

Our men and women go to dangerous countries as part of their job but Trudeau doesn’t give a damn about the military just like Pierre and it is too bad the military has to salute that airhead and fly him everywhere and won’t look after the injured ones. He believes in communism and has no use for us Canadians. He is just like a spoiled child but it is our money/borrowed he hands out like candy to other countries and now he is giving mega millions to the media and Quebec for the votes. Canada’s future with this traitor as… Read more »


LIEberals do not like Canadians, they are traitors and should be in prison.
She is right to compare this to Omar Khadir, another terrorist, and traitor to our country also, but supported by LIEberals. We real Canadians need to support our military to keep Canada a country. Let us all e mail the Conservatives and get this also in the house of commons and Trudeau’s friend the Governor General, who could have Trudeau charged as a traitor if she was for Canadians. We have been totally deceived by all of our fake U.N. controlled one world puppet government.

Ron Shaw

Don’t count on our pm to do anything for this veteran , however if she was an illegal immigrant , or a terrorist returning after he actively killed our troops , then Trudope would go out of his was to accommodate them , but never a Canadian military vet , Trudeau is the real trator/ terrorist here folks .

Cheryl Prosyk

Agree completely, truer words have never been spoken. Until Canadians realize this we the taxpayers, are the ones that are loosing. Shame on the Liberal voters, for letting this happen. I was voting in the 70s when old man Trudeau ran, never have I voted Liberal and never will. He started the destruction of Canada and Junior is finishing it.

Karen Anderson

Well if Omar wants to go back home,maybe he can take Trudeau with him and they both can get lost over there. Why is anyone surprised that this vetern will not get any help?


Trudeau’s suits for the last three weeks cost more than that. A new one every day.


He has also given almost $100 million to Hamas for weapons to attack Israel.

Brian Dougan

Ten years? That places Stephen Harper in the spotlight. I’m certainly not anti-Harper; but….

Former CAF

She’s been fighting the military since Stephen Harper’s Government and Omar Kadar was another Harper mistake as was Maher Arar. It seems that the Liberals have been sadled with a lot of Conservative mistakes like Phoenix Pay system not paying government employees and the inability to get pipelines approved.

I think the Liberals should and will fix this. The Globe story says the Defence Minister, an Afghanistan veteran too, is reviewing this personally.

Wilfrid Thornton

Where or who told you he was a veteran from Afghanistan he was a cop in BC but no one knows for sure he tried to take the credit for an action in Afghanistan but later admitted he had nothing to do with authorized buying g the same air craft WEVE bee n flying for the last 40.years just buy someone else garbage for a humongous over priced antique

Steve Driscoll

This is not a political desision it is based on policy, items covered by an insurance claim can not be covered by the forces i.e. no double dipping, if the member received a cash payout from an insurance company in relation to her injury (car accident) the forces will not pay for the leg.

Cori P

My husband and I started a business selling baseball hats and other clothing. $1 from every item purchased is going to Vets Canada. We would also be interested in helping this family.


They will also pay the treatments for a cop killer who never served but is the adult son (no longer a dependant) of a retired military member. Give that some thought. I think the military should be protecting themselves from this poor excuse of Government.

Mary Gibson

Would a ‘go fund me’ campaign be of help for this honorable, amazing veteran?

Sharon Sherman

Canada has never been interested in serving its people since Trudeau was elected. He only serves those who contribute to him. I am appalled that he was elected to begin with. He has never been good for the country.


“Prosthetics are expensive, but the Canadian Armed Forces is refusing to pay for Fawcett’s prosthetic leg, disputing whether she was on duty at the time of the accident.”

And in the next paragraph:

“Against all odds, Capt. Fawcett became the only Canadian woman to deploy to Afghanistan with a prosthetic limb.”

WTH, over…?