Trudeau Is Handing More Of Our Sovereignty Over To The UN. Last Week, The UN Failed To Condemn Hamas

A corrupt institution like the UN should never have influence over what Canada does.

The Trudeau government recently signed Canada on to the dangerous UN Global Compact on Migration, shifting our sovereignty over to the UN and setting in motion the loss of any meaningful national borders or national control of our immigration system.

To get a sense of how dangerous it is for us to lose our sovereignty to the UN, consider the fact that the UN failed to condemn the Hamas terrorist group. Among the countries that failed to condemn Hamas in the UN vote was China, yet another example of why the Communist State cannot be trusted.

The reality is clear: The UN is an anti-Semitic, anti-Western, and anti-democratic organization.

✳️ Israeli baby murdered by a Palestinian terrorist who shot a pregnant woman, triggering an emergency premature birth. The baby didn’t make it
✳️ Hamas praised the attack
✳️ The same #Hamas which the #UN refused 2 condemn just days before the attack


“The very definition of anti-Semitism: the UN that passed 700 resolutions condemning Israel won’t pass one condemning Hamas for attacking Israel. Thank you Ambassador Haley for again exposing the UN’s racism and standing up for moral truth.”

“Less than a week ago, the UN General Assembly voted down a resolution to condemn Hamas. The terrorist group carried out the murder of this infant three days later.”

“Dec. 6: @UN fails to condemn #Hamas, after vile abstentions by New Zealand, Norway & Switzerland allowed Arab Group to impose exceptional 2/3 threshold.
Dec. 9: #Hamas praises terror attack on pregnant mother whose premature baby, delivered by caesarean section, just died today.”

The United Nations couldn’t even condemn a horrific terrorist group. Yet Justin Trudeau wants them to have control over our immigration system. There can be no denying that Trudeau’s post-national agenda is subverting our national interests, and is a severe danger to the future of our nation.

Spencer Fernando


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Don Taylor

Turdeau Is a definite DANGER to CANADA

Norbert Kausen

The Yellow Vest protests WILL begin in ernest in Canada!

Major Tom

Unlike France…..where are the Generals? The Admirals? The Commissioners? Silent? Of course……they sold their souls to the UN to get those promotions………


Trudeau is working to make Canada the same as France who have confirmed 26,000 ISIS terrorists have returned to France. France has confirmed it will take 500,000 police to keep them under surveillance. All the terrorists have French citizenship and they had to be let in. Canada has 190 ISIS terrorists who have returned. They also were allowed to keep Canadian citizenship. Trudeau’s words are “a Canadian is a Canadian no matter what they have done.”


The UN is a complete failure the fact that a resolution condemning a terrorist organization is controversial is a very sad statement this shows that terrorist violence is accepted by the UN then the UN is officially a terrorist group harboring terrorist. Very sad that our Liberal Government finds this acceptable it only shows that Liberals always stand behind their terrorists, illegals, and criminals before Canadian citizens!