Trudeau Liberals Launch Inquisition Against Ontario Proud While Ignoring Foreign-Funded Groups Trying To Destroy Our Oil Industry

The Liberals are only worried about protecting their power, not defending our nation.

Ontario Proud – a Canadian funded group that opposes the Liberals – is being subjected to an Inquisition by the Trudeau government.

The Liberals are panicking because Ontario Proud was successful at criticizing the Ontario Liberals in the Ontario Provincial Election, and have now set their sights on Trudeau.

The group is by all accounts funded only by Canadians, and is presenting a point of view that is against what the Trudeau Liberals want people to hear.

As a result, Ontario Proud is being hauled in front of Parliamentary Committees, where the Liberals (and some NDP MPs) are demanding loads of info and subjecting the organization to intense scrutiny.

Of course, that same scrutiny isn’t being directed towards groups like Tides, that use foreign money to attempt to destroy the Canadian energy industry.

And the contrast here is important. Ontario Proud is a Canadian group funded by Canadians, while Tides and other groups disloyally take foreign money (including from billionaires in the US), and then use that money to poison the minds of Canadians against our energy industry.

In many ways, it could be seen as almost treasonous that the Federal government is allowing groups that are trying to destroy a Canadian industry operate in Canada, and that disloyalty is compounded by them using the force and power of government to try and intimidate a Canadian group like Ontario Proud.

Again we see that the Trudeau Liberals are only concerned with maintaining their own power, and have zero interest in defending Canada’s national interests.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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