Failing Bombardier CEO Alain ‘Bailout’ Bellemare Whines After Losing Via Rail Contract Bid

But he’ll still cash those bonus cheques!

Bombardier CEO Alain ‘Bailout’ Bellemare is whining about Bombardier losing a Via Rail contract.

Via Rail decided to go with German company Siemens AG, and Bellemare isn’t happy.

Here’s what he said to reporters:

“It’s incomprehensible. We work in many countries around the world, and all countries require significant local content. We see it in the U.S. It’s difficult to understand that here, we can’t find ways of protecting innovation, technology and jobs that are similar to all the other countries in the world.’’

Of course, Bombardier losing the contract is actually quite ‘comprehensible.’

As noted by BNN Bloomberg, “Bombardier has been plagued by missed deadlines on a Toronto light-rail project, and was blocked last year from bidding on a New York subway-car contract because of past delays.”

Hilariously, despite Via Rail saying that “on-time delivery was a key reason for its decision to choose Siemens,” Bellemare is somehow claiming that past delays don’t justify Bombardier’s defeat:

“We’ve had a few production problems on some projects, which I began fixing in 2015, and we’re completely fixing them today in 2018. So for me, this is really not a justification to decide for a C$1 billion project.’’

Note how he doesn’t even say “completely fixed them,” he says “completely fixing them,” as if the process isn’t yet complete.

And adding to the delusional absurdity, Bellemare claimed that the company is “winning everywhere in the world – except in Canada.”


If winning means constant failure and getting bailed out by taxpayers while slashing jobs and giving huge bonuses to executives, then sure, Bombardier is ‘winning.’ But if winning means actually succeeding like a real company, then no, Bombardier is not ‘winning.’

Yet, Bailout Bellemare knows that the Quebec government and Trudeau government are already getting their pens ready to sign over more taxpayer funds to the company, so no matter what he does he never faces the consequences of Bombardier’s failures.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube