OPEN BORDERS: Gang Member Who Illegally Crossed Into Canada Was Released Into The Country, With Predictable Results

Abdullahi Hasha Farah was identified by a Border Services officer as being in photos of an armed robbery. He now faces deportation, but why was he allowed into Canada in the first place?

As will surprise nobody with common sense, the open border policies of the Trudeau Liberals are allowing people into Canada who should never have been here.

One such case has recently been reported.

Abdullahi Hashi Farah was allowed into Canada after the incompetent Immigration & Refugee Board overruled the Border Services Agency and let him into the country, despite Farah having admitted to being a gang member, and despite the fact that Farah – originally from Somalia – had entered Canada illegally.

He was let into the country and freed into Winnipeg, but seven months later, Farrah was arrested in Edmonton.

A Winnipeg CBSA officer even “picked him out of robbery photos taken from security camera footage.”

And this appears to be a growing problem throughout Canada:

“Mount Royal University criminologist and associate professor Kelly Sundberg said Farah clearly slipped through the cracks of the immigration screening process, something he said is becoming more common. “This case is indicative of what we could see in similar cases in Vancouver or Calgary, Toronto — across our country,” said Sundberg, a former CBSA officer whose research focuses on immigration enforcement and border security.”

Clearly, as the report indicates, Farrah never should have been in Canada, as his request for asylum was based on lies, deception, and total manipulation:

“Just six days after Farah was first released, he breached his conditions and was subsequently rearrested.

That same day, Nov. 8, 2017, the CBSA gained access to Farah’s cellphone. It contained recent photos and videos of Farah playing with a loaded handgun, doing cocaine, concealing cocaine and flashing wads of cash. There were also front-and-back photos of a credit card that wasn’t his.

Farah was on parole when the photos were taken, and was prohibited from possessing a firearm.

The phone also contained Tinder chats, photos of Farah having sex with women, and photos of women in various stages of nudity.

There was no evidence of homosexual activity. Farah’s asylum claim was based on his contention that as a gay Muslim, he would be killed if he was deported to Somalia.”

Of course, this is what happens when the borders are opened up. And while the elites and government officials will try to downplay all of this, things will just get worse and worse so long as the Trudeau government is in power.

Not only that, but consider how bad things will get as the UN Global Compact on Migration takes effect, and even further reduces our ability to control our own borders.

The reality is very clear: Open borders are great for criminals, but are absolutely terrible for Canadian Citizens.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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