Trudeau Government Giving Out $25K Cheques To Roxham Road Residents As Illegal Border Crossing Crisis Continues

Here’s an even better idea: Secure the damn border.

The Trudeau government claims that the surge of illegal border crossers coming into Canada is not a crisis.

They even attacked the Conservatives for calling it a crisis.

So, how do they explain the fact that they’re now writing cheques of up to $25,000 to residents at Roxham Road?

If it wasn’t a crisis, why would they be trying to buy people off?

Of course, Roxham Road is in Quebec, and the Trudeau government is desperately funneling as much money as possible into Quebec at the expense of taxpayers in the majority of Canada.

The real solution here is obvious: Secure the border, enforce our laws, and end the illegal border crossings.

That is the only way to stop the immense cost of illegal border crossings, which is placing a further burden on our national budget and our social programs.

But Trudeau believes in open borders, so he won’t enforce our laws and he won’t secure our border. So instead, he’s paying people off, while dishonestly denying there’s a crisis.

What a farce.

Spencer Fernando


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