VIDEO: Liberal House Leader Bardish Chagger Mocks Opioid Deaths

After Conservative MP speaks about 36 opioid deaths in his community, Chagger says “Oh that’s it? That’s not so bad, is it?”

The elites think they’re better than the rest of us, and that attitude infuses everything about the Liberal Party under Justin Trudeau.

In a horrific example of that arrogance, Liberal House Leader Bardish Chagger was caught on audio mocking opioid deaths.

Conservative MP Alex Nuttall was speaking about 38 people dying in his community, 36 of whom passed away as a result of opioid overdoses.

After Nuttall spoke, Chagger could be heard openly mocking the situation, saying “Oh that’s it? That’s not so bad, is it?”

What a sick thing to say.

Here’s the video/audio of Chagger’s awful remarks:

And while some Liberals tried to deflect from Chagger’s comments and claimed she was taken out of context, she later had to apologize for her remarks, making it clear that nothing was taken out of context at all.

If a Conservative had made similar comments, the entire media establishment would be calling for their resignation. It would be the biggest national news story.

But since it’s a Liberal who did it, the media has been muted, only saying that Chagger “heckled” Nuttall.

Of course, we know there’s a huge difference between ‘heckling,’ and outright mocking the deaths of Canadians.

Chagger should obviously be forced to resign, but since Trudeau never holds his people accountable, Chagger’s job is 100% safe.

This shows what the elitist Trudeau Liberals really think about suffering Canadian Citizens. While people who violate our laws and live outside our country get taken care of like royalty at our expense, Canadian Citizens in need get treated with absolute contempt by the federal government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

When they say Liberalism is a disease ,that is exactly what it is ,much like A black plague,the only cure is to get rid of the Leader and his sick party

Dave Smith

The anti-Canadian liberals are way more OK with this opioid epidemic killing Canadians than they are with fake “hate crimes” such as the infamous rehearsed hijab hoax. Anyone who voted liberal owns this.

Drew Duff

I have a gut feeling that this woman is probably a sociopath. Because who on earth would say that, unless they do not have the ability to feel empathy

shawn harris

It has been said that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. And that men or women are judged by the words they speak. In the case of Bardish Chagger, Trudeau and his other sycophantic Liberals, they show their true and irreversible colours of elitism, arrogance and false humility, false virtuousness and narcissism. These are the type of politicians , no nation needs or should want, but Canada has an overly large number of them roaming free, in the halls of parliament these days. But because Trudeau has a complaint and docile media , that can be… Read more »


“…out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”
Luke 6:45
Not to put too fine a point on it but Liberals exhibit anti-Christian ‘values’ daily.

Mike Allan

Should anyone be surprisedLook who it’s coming from.Once an ignorant libtard always an ignorant libtard.simply put heartless

sandra c

The Liberals just keep getting nastier, dirtier and heartless. And this comes from someone from another Country who was given a Canadian Government Job. Guess Bardish Chagger is letting Canadians know (blatantly) that Canadians don’t matter.


She should resign. Start a go fund me to pay for advertising calling for her resignation and she should loose her gov pension.


“Oh, that’s it”? …”we plan to kill a lot more than that”. That’s what she means…