WATCH: Trudeau Refuses To Answer Question, Talks To The Gallery Instead

That’s not how things are supposed to work.

During Question Period, Justin Trudeau was questioned about his “year of failure,” by Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer.

The way it’s supposed to work is that the Opposition Leader asks a question, and the PM at least pretends to give an answer that’s somewhat related to the question that was asked.

But that’s not how Trudeau did it.

Instead, he completely refused to answer the question that was put to him, and instead looked up and started talking to the gallery.

His tone turned totally condescending, as he launched into a tangent about Conservatives supposedly wanting to ask him questions – even as he refused to answer the question he was asked.

What a disgrace.

You can watch the moment, and Scheer’s response, below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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EVERY SEAT is filled because a greater nerd was never heard …


Kings don’t have to answer questions from their serfs.


Good for Andrew Scheer, Truedoper does not know where to look or as usual what to answer except to be even more silly and as usual spoiled and childlike and rude, I guess his butts had not written his usual out of touch stupid rude answers, he is greedy. just an uncaring U.N. puppet with no concern for Canada or doing his job for.

Brian Dougan

Turdeau the drama queen. Playing to the audience.


Trudeau is living proof that ‘You can’t fix Stupid’ and that’s all Folks! It’s Looney Tunes Trudeau….

shawn harris

It has been said that pride and arrogance goes before a fall. Well, Trudeau is well on his way to proving that old biblical proverb true. For he is sanctimonious, condescending and arrogant, he can’ t but avoid suffering a humiliating public fall come the next election. For as much as Harper was reluctant to speak to the media and gave very few interviews, the one thing you could respect him for was his willingness to answer questions and follow the rules of parliament with integrity. Unlike Trudeau who sees himself as being above the daily grind of answering to… Read more »


We shouldn’t have to wait until October 2019 to kick this moron out. It will be too late with all his destruction of our once Wonderful Canada. He should be charged for Treason. There is no doubt that he has committed Treason a number of times. Why hasn’t he been charged?


He openly showed Canadians that he has nothing but contempt for Parliament, Government and the people watching his childish actions. I hope somebody from the Gallery got video and posts it. The only thing he missed was giving those in the Gallery the finger.


Andrew Scheer ‘owned’ Little Turdoboy’ in the house today. Turdo will likely join his brother around the Holiday Bong this season in their ugly anti-Christian sweaters . Together they will plot their 2019 anti Canadian strategy for Gerald Butts’ approval.
Imagine if our founding fathers had not adopted the parliamentary model, a Republic with an electoral college would save us as it did America and ensure that Quebec and Ontario representation did not dominate the rest of the country in government. Canada is so prone to a eastern based dictatorship it is horrifying.


Well it sure won’t be Scheer in that chair, he has no backbone and he sold us out to the Establishment, lobbyists and the dairy cartel. What I see is all optics. Scheer is saying things that the Canadian people want to hear, but he has nothing solid as far as a platform. Of course the UN GCM will be terminated, but this is not a treaty, this is a political move and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. He voted for the UN Paris Accord and climate change in a whip vote in 2017 so don’t come… Read more »


The whole country (and many other ones, too) are sick of what is going on in parliament with the non answers and memorized buzzzzzzz works that come out of Trudeau & clan’s mouths. That is all we can expect from from now on. What a waste of time giving non answers. I would like to know why the speaker of the house will not DEMAND a real answer to questions until he gives one! He does not deserve a salary he may as well be a cardboard cut out propped up in the speaker’s chair. Ditto for the Liberal cabinet,… Read more »

Ron Shaw

I am surprised that Todumb did not blame Harper for his governments shortcomings . This is a first for Rainbow unicorn boy .

Van Wyck

Trudeau is a complete and utter idiot.

Dedlea Nightshade

Spencer you must know by know that there is more to Mr.T than meets the eye. When he was still young and under his fathers wing he had some mental health issues and was taken to see a physician with a certain pedigree. MKUltra is something which is still only spoken of in hushed tones however those in the know understand that nothing so crude as a Manchurian Candidate would ever succeed in subverting the future of a free democratic country. Or could he! Madness or method. You decide.