‘Justice’ System: Over 25% Of Killers Are In Minimum Security Facilities

Disturbing numbers.

With recent transfers of killers Terri-Lynn McClintic and Michael Rafferty to lower-security facilities, there is renewed attention on the weakness of our ‘justice’ system.

According to a CTV report, 27.5% of murderers (first & second degree) are in minimum security prisons in Canada.

Those prisons are described as “open-concept, communal-style institutions that lack traditional wired fences with armed guards.”

It’s yet another example of how the justice system fails to show the necessary toughness. After all, why should people who have killed Canadians be treated better than Canadians who are homeless?

Conservative MP Erin O’Toole slammed the numbers:

‘“First and second-degree murder (means) they have taken the lives of other Canadians,” he said. “They should be in prison and not in a camp or campus-like setting.” He added that the option to transfer down a security level shouldn’t be offered to violent offenders but reserved for those convicted of things like “property crime where there is no risk to the public.”’

Minimum security facilities certainly have their place. Non-violent offenders, drug crimes, financial crimes, and others are certainly offences where a minimum security facility could be applicable.

But to put killers in minimum security facilities is absurd, and it’s a practice that must come to an end. Unfortunately, with the Supreme Court dominated in large part by far-left judges, the weak sentences and and coddling of killers is likely to continue.

Spencer Fernando