POLL: Canadians Say Vast Majority Of Trudeau Cabinet Ministers Are Doing A Bad Job

Only a few Liberal cabinet ministers get positive ratings from the public.

A new poll shows the Canadian People give bad marks to the vast majority of the Trudeau Liberal cabinet, with only some exceptions.

The Angus Reid survey asked what Canadians thought about the performance of all cabinet ministers, dividing them up into three tiers based on name recognition.

Among the most well-known ministers, Chrystia Freeland (+20), Marc Garneau (+16), and Ralph Goodale (+3) get positive marks.

For all the other famous ministers, the ratings are negative.

The worst ratings are given to Ahmed Hussen (-26), Bill Morneau (-20), Bill Blair (-19), and Seamus O’Regan (-17).

For the next tier of ministers (in terms of name recognition), only Jody Wilson-Raybould (+14), Melanie Joly (+10), and Lawrence MacAulay (+4) get positive marks.

Canadians give terrible marks to Amarjeet Sohi (-36), Patty Hajdu (-22), Navdeep Bains (-20), and Carolyn Bennett (-15).

Among the lowest tier of ministers, the numbers are mostly negative, while name recognition is under 50%.

Clearly, the Trudeau Liberals are not getting good marks for their performance, with some of the most important ministries (finance, immigration, security, infrastructure) getting among the worst ratings.

The question now is whether the Opposition can convince Canadians that they can do a better job, which will be a challenge considering how the establishment media will be doing everything they can to boost the Liberals fortunes.

Spencer Fernando

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Nik Allonby

How on this blue-green Earth did Chrystia “The Art of the Deal” Freeland and Ralph “Sobriety, Safety and Security” Goodale get positive marks?


They votedon’t on themselves.


I don’t know how they scored so high, I did that poll, too! They never scored high with me.


How? Very simple Nik, The media. They are the liberals’ lifeline; their saving grace; they are or have become just as responsible for promoting the lib disaster to canada.


Still will not matter who is in due to being bound by agreements.
We never have had democracy as leaders define what is suppose to be good for us.
Brexit is a good example of how politicans try unwillingly to keep these bad agreements and hope some miracle will keep it and change the public minds.


Higher than Deserved according to the Job for the Taxpayers of Canada

D Dynna

“Name recognition” is the only reason Ralph Goodale is on this list. He has been around long enough that people recognize him. But he is a big disappointment as my MP. I am thoroughly disgusted with his blind support of Trudeau Jr.

Dave Smith

Incompetence by design. The worst “government” Canada has ever had in every way. This collection of rats is a cancer & in no way serves Canadians.

Don Taylor

Fire every one of them especially Christine Freeloader

Marcel H Matte

These cabinet ministers are all globalists, following the lead of the prime (least) minister….they should all fail….they are all traitors to Canada!


Thank you Spencer. Your reporting is truthful , valued and appreciated. A rare commodity in todays world.

October 2019 cannot come fast emough!

Paul Pogue

Facts matter;;why arent accomplishments of each minister listed..and why arent the degrees of difficulty of each portfolio listed..having heard Hussen, Bennett and O’Regan I disagree with uninformed taxpayers….
Why aren’t the lies and misinformation and fear mongering of Andrew Scheer rated?


Because the topic was liberal cabinet ministers…and as evidenced they are for a large part useless…and there aren’t a whole lot of accomplishments to talk about. Uninformed taxpayers? And just where did you receive your obviously dubious information, the CBC?


That would make sense which they are incapable

Sewer Rat

“Facts matter;;why arent accomplishments of each minister listed” Go look at a blank page and you’ll find your list of “accomplishments”. Unless virtue signalling, racism, sexism, displaying different cool socks, and flushing the economy down the drain, sparking separatism from Alberta due to raping and destroying its economy, is an accomplishment in your view. “Why aren’t the lies and misinformation and fear mongering of Andrew Scheer rated?” I am going to go out on a limb and take a leap of faith, and assume that you are a CBC/Toronto (Red) Star propaganda consumer, so, I’m not even going to touch… Read more »

Jill Ward

WOW, talk about UNINFORMED!!!


Look around you, the tax payers are very very informed,, perhaps its you who is not,, and judging by your down votes,, proves it




Degree of Difficulty? Were these cabinet ministers not chosen for their competency? If it is a difficult position, perhaps they are not cut out for the job.


None of Trudeau’s cabinet is worth their weight.


They’re all bobbleheads. Does Marc Garneau do anything at all? Scott Brisson? Chagger? O’Regan, Barbie, Moron, Goodale? Never have I seen so many useless representatives in any Canadian government since becoming politically aware during the FLQ crisis 49 years ago.

Major Tom

Terrible marks? Low ratings? How about…..treason……breach of trust…breaking the laws of Canada including the Criminal Code, Customs Act, Immigration Act…..consorting with known criminals….sending tax dollars to Jihadi organizations overseas….et al…..and the federal police commissioner…..is silent…..


How did Freeland get a pass?


I actually don’t think that the liberal mps and their leader are that concern about the polls or what we think of their performance. If they REALLY cared, they would not have allowed their leader to abuse this nation nor would they have lied daily by blaming others to ďeflect from their own errors. They all stood by their leader regardless the damages he purpposely imposed upon us canadians.
They KNEW the mess they got us into so they bribed the media to save their asses.
Unfortunately, the hell which they deliberately imposed on Canada would take yearsto clean up.


Every Liberal should be Voted Out in the next election. They should be decimated like the Wynne Liberals! That is the ONLY way that we will get our Country Back!