Support The GoFundMe For Captain Kimberly Fawcett’s Prosthetic Leg

The Federal government has failed to support Captain Fawcett, despite all she has done for Canada. It’s time for the Canadian People to step up and give her the support she’s earned.

As I recently wrote about, the federal government has repeatedly refused to pay for the prosthetic leg of Air Force Captain Kimberly Fawcett.

While Omar Khadr got $10.5 million from the Trudeau Liberals, they wouldn’t pay $34K for Fawcett’s prosthetic leg, despite the amazing service she has given to Canada.

Here’s some background on her story:

“Both Fawcett and her husband were members of high readiness units in the Canadian Armed Forces, meaning they could be deployed overseas on short notice and at the same time.

The possibility of a sudden simultaneous deployment of both mom and dad meant the Canadian Armed Forces required the couple to devise a plan to make sure baby Keiran would always have child care, known as the Family Care Plan.

On the morning of Feb. 21, 2006, it looked like a double deployment could be in the works. Fawcett’s husband Curtis was called to the base for workup training to deploy to Africa and her unit was next in line for activation.

Fawcett executed the Family Care Plan with the approval of her commanding officer, donning her uniform and putting her son in the car to drop him at his grandparents’ house.”

Tragically, Fawcett’s vehicle slid off the icy road into the median. She then took her nine month old son and headed for the ditch to get out of the way of oncoming vehicles. But while she was in the ditch, a truck hit a semi and careened into the ditch, hitting Fawcett and her son. Fawcett’s leg was severed, and baby Kieran was thrown under a semi-truck and killed.”

The government repeatedly refused to pay the cost of her prosthetic leg, and she recently received notice that she would have to pay the full cost – $34,000.

Obviously, that’s a horrific injustice, and it must be corrected. And while – under massive pressure – the government is hinting that they may help out Fawcett, there is no reason to trust what the government says, and Fawcett deserves all the support Canadians can give her.

That’s why I contributed to the GoFundMe set up by John Deremo, the proceeds of which will go towards Kimberly Fawcett’s prosthetic leg.

$5,000 of the $34,000 goal has been raised so far.

I encourage you to contribute if you are able. This Christmas season, lets show Captain Kimberly Fawcett that we are grateful for her service to our nation:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab