Yellow Vest Protests In Canada As Patriotic Canadians Oppose Trudeau’s Damaging Policies

The same arrogant government elitism that has caused so much anger in France can be seen in the Trudeau government, and many Canadians aren’t willing to stand for it any longer.

Yellow vest protests have begun in Canada.

Inspired by the movement against the arrogant elitist Macron government in France, Canadians took to the streets to protest the destructive policies of Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau’s policies are damaging Canada’s sovereignty, erasing our national borders, imposing a devastating carbon tax on Canadians, and putting our economy and financial future at serious risk.

Across the country, people took to the streets to express their right to free speech, and their opposition to Trudeau.

And while the establishment media tried to spin the protests as ‘anti-immigration,’ the reality is that the Canadians in yellow vasts are patriotic citizens who want our nation to be free, secure, and strong.

Justin Trudeau is counting on Canadians being complacent, and using his compliant establishment media to hide what’s really happening in the country.

But the yellow vest protests show the beginning of people waking up and standing in defence of our freedom and our sovereignty.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (@SouthOsborne)


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