Yellow Vest Protests In Canada As Patriotic Canadians Oppose Trudeau’s Damaging Policies

The same arrogant government elitism that has caused so much anger in France can be seen in the Trudeau government, and many Canadians aren’t willing to stand for it any longer.

Yellow vest protests have begun in Canada.

Inspired by the movement against the arrogant elitist Macron government in France, Canadians took to the streets to protest the destructive policies of Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau’s policies are damaging Canada’s sovereignty, erasing our national borders, imposing a devastating carbon tax on Canadians, and putting our economy and financial future at serious risk.

Across the country, people took to the streets to express their right to free speech, and their opposition to Trudeau.

And while the establishment media tried to spin the protests as ‘anti-immigration,’ the reality is that the Canadians in yellow vasts are patriotic citizens who want our nation to be free, secure, and strong.

Justin Trudeau is counting on Canadians being complacent, and using his compliant establishment media to hide what’s really happening in the country.

But the yellow vest protests show the beginning of people waking up and standing in defence of our freedom and our sovereignty.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (@SouthOsborne)


Trudeau is planning to bailout the establishment media with $600 million taxpayer dollars. He wants to buy them off. But unlike the establishment media, I don’t take taxpayer money. When people contribute to me, they do it voluntarily. If you can, I ask you to support my Independent writing with a monthly contribution through Patreon or by contributing through PayPal at the button below:

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peter black

decent hard working honest Canadians are standing yup finally and are being counted. Watch how the media twists and distorts and just plain doesnt cover the events

Big problem =- you can’t hide thousands of yellow jackets from all the people all the time. Those who don’t support this movement are either dead or brain dead, paid by the government , traitors, or people wh o don’t give a damn about this great country. Watch how Butts spins this


Time to post where and when so we can be part of this movement to get rid of Trudeau and the elite liberals.


If the Conservatives or someone actually FOR real honest elections does not step up to stop LIEberal election fixing, as has already started with the press and unions being paid off and the money and help for the LIEberals coming in from away ( outside of Canada), yellow jackets will not help without all Canadians finding out the truth, and unless they really look hard, away from our U.N. puppet governments lies along with the press lies we are doomed, For Canada we must watch and get out and vote.

shawn harris

In Trudeau’s eyes, we Canadians that stand up for real democracy, true freedoms,defence of our sovereignty, true beneficial immigration, enacting our own national laws, not the type that the UN, globalists elites demand that we should have; Trudeau condemns us as being racist nationalists bordering on being fascist. It will never ever be wrong to defend our nation and our sovereignty, that is considered your basic national duty to Canada. Except for Trudeau and his own globalist agenda, who sees us as more of threat to his globalist ambitions , than citizens of Canada, being worthy of protection from predators… Read more »

Frances Gruno

Justin Trudeau should be in jail for what he has done to our once safe country. He has done nothing for Canada since he got in but embarrass Canada on the worldly market.

Mike Allan

Thanks Spencer for all your help in spreading the word about trudope’s evil regime. I sincerely hope you keep this and other high crimes of trudope plus protesting in all Canadian cities,towns and anywhere else we can get exposure to the globalist UN spokesboy trudope.


The media is the poison, they have manipulated the news to cover up jihadi justin disater to canada. They trick innocent canadians into believing that all is well under their jihadi justin’s leadership by throwing the blame onto conservatives and donald trump. Never on Jihadi justin.
This is OUR COUNTRY. We must all stand against the power of those who want to ruin us.

Norbert Kausen

Fernando, can you do a piece on Trudeau wanting to make it harder for future PM to reverse Senate reforms! This is dictatorial in its extreme and cannot be allowed to happen! There should be NO way for a traitorous government such as this one from pushing its treasonous agenda on us them mking it binding! ANY future government should and DOES have the cpability to reverse vile and oppressive laws! THIS must NOT change!


The Yellow Vest Protests is showing that Canadians are waking up to this Corrupt, Elitist, Federal Liberal, but unfortunately the protests are having NO effect on these Elitists. The Liberals just don’t care! Canadians have to show up by the Thousands across this Once Great Country, that is being Destroyed by the Trudope Government. He has been doing everything that Globalists and the UN wants and that Canadians Despise and are Against. This Dictator has to be Stopped! I hate to see Violence and Destruction of Property in the Yellow Vest Protests, as in France, but Unfortunately this is the… Read more »


Trudeau is a clone of Macron, and marches to the beat of the UN and Merkel.


Well at least it can be said that Trudeau accomplished making a mess of this country in half the time that his father did. “Sigh”… As an Albertan I think we need a sovereign free Alberta because Canada needs Alberta more than Alberta needs Canada, no more federal tax payments; no more equalization. It’s time that everyone realizes that Alberta is tired of being used, abused and disregarded. I wish the rest of Canada the best, but it’s time to go!

Sewer Rat

THIS!!!! A thousand times this!

James Klassen

Trudeau sold out Canadians by signing on with the UN migration immigration Compact. Your freedom of speech is almost gone. Although it is not legal at this point, the countries that have signed on have given an oath that they will now pass through Legislation speech sensorship, against any verbal words that oppose this Immigration Compact. The UN Leader came right out and said “If you speak out against this Compact you will be arrested for hate crimes “ and then he pointed to the media and said “If you the media give a platform for anybody to oppose this… Read more »