By Supporting The Carbon Tax, Chamber Of Commerce Shows They Represent Global Elites, Not Real Canadian Businesses

Big elitist corporations have the wealth and political influence to exempt themselves from the consequences of the destructive carbon tax. But Canadian families and small businesses don’t have that luxury.

The evidence of how bad the carbon tax is for Canadian families and Canadian businesses is obvious for all to see.

Investment is fleeing the country, the economy is slowing, our energy sector is in crisis, plants are shutting down, the future of entire industries are at risk, and already-indebted consumers are about to be slammed with even more expenses.

The Trudeau government has even admitted how bad the tax is, by exempting some of the largest Canadian corporations from having to pay it. If the tax wasn’t a bad thing, why would businesses need exemptions?

And of course, those exemptions aren’t being given to small businesses or to Canadian families. Only the elites.

That’s why it’s no surprise to see the Canadian Chamber of Commerce claim they strongly support the carbon tax.

Here’s what Chamber has said about it:

“Canadian businesses of all sizes are prepared to accept carbon pricing as a cost of doing business, but remain very concerned that governments will continue to use it as a political bargaining chip instead of delivering a pricing policy that is simple and works well.”

“Business wants to play its part in the fight against climate change, but our public policy has to balance our climate objectives with the need to ensure Canada remains attractive to start or grow a business, and to invest.”

While they seem to be trying to have it both ways, the Chamber issued a report basically siding with the Trudeau government:

“Ottawa must continue working with provinces to implement carbon pricing as the main measure to reduce GHG emissions across Canada.”

The Chamber also backed Catherine McKenna’s policies on coal – which really means the destruction of the Canadian coal industry.

In short, this is a total betrayal of real Canadian businesses by the Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce has now made it clear that they represent global elites, copying the rhetoric of Trudeau and the United Nations, instead of standing up for Canadian businesses that are going to be put at a serious disadvantage.

This is an unfortunate pattern among Canada’s business elites. At every step of the way, they cower before the government, bend over, give in, and sell out real Canadians. They are afraid to compete, afraid to fight, afraid to make waves, and just try to go along with what’s easiest.

And for the Chamber elites, it’s easy to go along and get along, since they’ll get all the perks of political access and all the exemptions they need, while destructive policies are applied to those ‘below them.’

What a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando


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