HYPOCRISY: While Quebec Premier Rejects Alberta Oil Pipeline, His Province Is Using More Gasoline & Buying More Trucks Than Ever Before

Yet the transfer payments keep on going…

A new report from the Universite de Montreal deepens the immense hypocrisy of the the Quebec Premier, who recently said there was no “social acceptability” for an oil pipeline from Alberta.

According to the report, there sure seems to be tons of ‘social acceptability’ for more and more gasoline, and for vehicles that use a lot of it.

The report says Quebec residents are purchasing record levels of gasoline, and sales of trucks & SUVs have surged. In fact, since 2015, sales of trucks have surpassed sales of cars.

As pointed out by the CP, while Quebec has the lowest emissions per capita in Canada, that’s not exactly as it seems says one of the authors of the report, Professor Pierre-Olivier Pineau:

“But that success is less attributed to choice and more to circumstance, Pineau explained. “One hundred per cent of electricity in Quebec is from renewable resources,” he said. “Also, Quebecers are less rich than other Canadians, meaning they consume less energy, have less cars.” But the automobiles Quebecers do drive are increasingly gas-guzzling, according to the report.”

Also, “Moreover, on a per capita basis, Quebecers consume significantly more energy than the global average, as well as citizens in countries such as China and Germany — and almost as much as people in the United States.”

Given these facts, it’s absurd for the Quebec Premier to reject pipelines from Alberta.

And yet, absurdity is at the core of the ‘equalization’ system. The Quebec government is able to block pipelines from Alberta and denigrate Alberta oil as ‘dirty,’ while simultaneously being able to force Alberta to give up billions of dollars every year to enrich that very same government that’s hurting Alberta.

The more the hypocrisy of the Quebec government is exposed, the more Canadians, and Western Canadians in particularly, will question why we allow the federal government and Quebec government to perpetuate such an injustice.

Spencer Fernando

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D. Met

Sure they are! They receive more transfer payments than any other province. Ergo they are the only ones who can afford new vehicles and tanks of gas


The pipeline and it’s cargo are not meant for Quebec, it’s oil is meant to be sold to Europe and other countries. Where does this dick-brain think his welfare transfer cheques come from? He buys some of his oil , gasoline and diesel from Ontario and the States. They in turn get their oil from Western Canada. He gets his welfare cheques also from Western Canada. The rest he buys from Nigeria and the Saudis and we all know hoe freedom loving they are. It is obvious he hates Canada and had become a dhimmi. PS: Natrel dairy products in… Read more »

Eric Blair

Not just Natrel Del but Kraft Cracker Barrel (a national brand), Boursin and Oka all from Quebec and don’t forget Chapman’s Ice Cream but I think it is from somewhere in the east and yet they ship it all the way to Vancouver. How green is that?

Sewer Rat

This will not stop until we get someone with a spine elected in Alberta that will stand up for our province.


I for one would like to know just how “clean” their renewable hydroelectric is. They drowned a lot of area; how much methane (a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2) is produced annually?

Brian Dougan

Regarding Quebec’s new premier: “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.” Loosely translated: The more things change; the more they stay the same.” Truly; this nation is a house divided. Now; more than ever. There’s no common glue holding us together. It’s been dissolved–by decades of treasonous politicians. Trudope is guilty of three things: (1) Malfeasance–intentional; unlawful conduct. (2) Nonfeasance–failure to act when there was a duty to act. (3) Treason–the crime of betraying one’s country.

louis Joannette

when mr Legault was a ceo of air transat i guest he thought that plane where using CANOLA OIL AS FUEL INSTEAD OF JET FUEL THAT USE 10% OF THE BARREL. ..


For Canada to survive it needs to permanently dissolve itself from Liberal and NDP politics and let Quebec separate.