In Rare Good Move, Trudeau Government Seeking To End Arms Exports To Saudi Arabia

Will they actually follow through, or will it just be empty words again?

As Canada – and the Western world’s relationship – with Saudi Arabia continues to deteriorate, Justin Trudeau says he’s seeking to end arms exports to Saudi Arabia.

Speaking to CTV, Trudeau said, “We are engaged with the export permits to try and see if there is a way of no longer exporting these vehicles to Saudi Arabia.”

While the words are still pretty weak, this is the furthest any politician with power in this country has gone in the direction of ending the arms sales.

Both the previous Conservative and the current Liberal governments were total hypocrites on this issue. The Conservatives approved the sale of the armoured vehicles to the Saudis, then criticized it after they lost power. The Liberals opposed the deal before they were elected, and then approved the export permits after they won.

So, if Trudeau is actually serious about ending the arms sales, then it would be a rare good move on his part.

The concern if the sales were ended would be the loss of jobs in Canada tied to the sale of the armoured vehicles, but that is an easy problem to solve. The Canadian military is massively under-equipped, and Canada could use more armoured vehicles. So, a new contract, procuring those vehicles for Canada could be signed. This would protect jobs, strengthen our ground forces, and end the sale of weapons to the horrific Saudi regime all at once.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Moe. S.

Typical Trudeau pretending he’s taking the moral high ground. A few months ago he emphasized it was a ‘contract’ with penalties attached if his gov’t were to cancel the deal. He emphasized his gov’t could not break the contract. Unless the jobs are Quebec jobs, he could care less about job losses anywhere else in Canada.

Peter Gill

Cancelling the LAV3 purchase will change nothing for the Kingdom of Saud, they will simply go elsewhere; there is no shortage of 8-wheeled light armoured vehicle designs and countries willing to sell them IOT support domestic businesses. Virtue-signalling politicians will feel better, employees of General Dynamics will feel worse, the economy of London will suffer and Saudi will continue doing what they wish using someone else’s equipment. Has the world somehow become a better place simply because Saudi personnel are riding in someone else’s vehicles? Canada already has around 550 of these, all of which are being upgraded to LAV6.0… Read more »


It would be more to the point if he stopped all purchases of Saudi oil. Cancelling the contract will hurt Canadians but not Saudis; they’ll just go elsewhere.

Randy Weins

There is a lot more at stake than simply the armoured vehicles manufacture and sale to the Saudis. They have and continue to be a strong western nations partner in the Middle East when it comes to control on Iran, protection of Israel, terrorism in Yemen, oil markets and more. When it comes to Canada, our Universities particularly in the medical fields enrolments would dramatically be impacted, China and Russia would swoop in to replace our trade dealings and we would lose a strategic partner in the energy industry. The Khashoggi murder is an internal Saudi matter (he was a… Read more »

J Morse

GD has already shipped over 420 out of the 550 LAVs on the contract. I say finish it. As odious as the Saudis activities can be, they are intrinsic to western efforts in the Middle East. They’ve become a bizarre ally, against Iran and in alignment with Israel. That alone has important ramifications for the balance of power and increases the potential for a two state resolution of a 70 year fight.

Mike Allan

Since when do UN globalist change and left field socialist dictator trudope.