TSX Falls Over 230 Points To Lowest Level In Two Years

More economic warnings signs.

Yet more signs of Canada’s weakening economy could be seen on Monday, as the TSX fell 232.43 points to finish up at 14,362.65.

It’s the lowest level for the TSX in two years. In 2018 alone, the TSX is down 11.4%.

Stocks in the U.S. also fell, with the Dow down 500 points.

The crisis in the energy industry has hit the TSX hard, and rising concerns about investment fleeing Canada, the damaging impact of the carbon tax, failed federal government economic policies, and massive household debt levels are adding up to a weakening economy and falling confidence.

Spencer Fernando

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I have been watching the Bank stocks. Dropping drastically. Are the Banks considering taking advantage of trudeau’s “Bail in” legislation and seizing our accounts? Refresher: Trudeau’s Bail in allows Banks to seize our investments and accounts and issue Bank shares. VALUELESS Bank shares. Trudeau has been planning this and manipulating the demise of Canada since before the last election. It is up to us to decide when to cash out and dump our Canadian investments. I am damn close. I had some Chinese mutual Funds but Trudeau has screwed that up as well. Where to invest next? Not Canada, that… Read more »

Kris s

Maybe the crash is due to the incredibly high costs of living? Skyrocketing food costs, clothing, everything. It’s just unsustainable. The rich want all the money but we have no more to give them.