WHAT? Watch As Justin Trudeau Tries Denying Basic Math

Trudeau apparently thinks higher deficits and more debt will make it easier to deal with the next recession. WTF

It’s a pretty simple thing: The larger the budget deficits you are running, the tougher it will be to deal with a recession. After all, if you’re already spending more than you take in, any additional spending to deal with a recession – which will also cause a loss of government revenue – will substantially increase the budget deficit, make the debt larger, and leave the economy more vulnerable.

There’s no way around that.

But Justin Trudeau apparently thinks he’s found some sort of magical formula in which higher deficits don’t have any impact on dealing with a recession.

It has something to with ‘floods.’

You can watch Trudeau’s super ‘coherent’ answer below:

There’s really not much to be said about Trudeau’s ‘answer,’ other than it’s incredibly disturbing that somebody so ignorant is running our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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D. Met

His response is all but incoherent. He simply blurts out nonsense and then strings together a bunch of rehearsed talking points that basically says nothing. The interviewer knows full well that WHEN (not if) a recession hits we will be sunk.

Don Taylor

The country will be much better off when this Trudeau and his idiotic Govt Is gone

Sewer Rat

Well, he did say that budgets balance themselves, so, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. And it is true, math is hard for liberals (and NDP).


I wish that fake feminist U.N. representative puppet would quit saying things that “Canadians want”, we very strongly do not, but his U.N. globalists want to bankrupt us. things are happening just like Venezuela only here, and their people didn’t want that either. We need a government FOR Canadians and Canada, and we do not have one.


When he succeeds in trashing the Canadian economy and Federal Revenues fall, his solution is to increase taxes, including his Trudeau Carbon Tax, to increase Federal revenue.

His thinking – with a good credit rating, all he needs to do is borrow more and go further into debt.

peter black

We thought Wynne was ignorant. This person is downright insane with our money. Bring on the yellow jackets. Its time to revolt. The French have their revolutions. Now its sane Canadians turn.


And we’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful…… Hey Spicoli, what’s 2+2 ?

Roger Shelswell

The boy is a mental midget.


Follow the leader? I have been doing things all wrong it seems. The difference between him and me is this, I left home at 18 with all I had to my name was clothes I was wearing, a mediocre job, no savings, a pillow, and my record player (I know seems silly now). He at least had a big trust fund which makes life a whole lot less stressful. One thing I managed to learn along the way was to watch those pennies and try to hang onto them. While Trudeau has not had to worry about what his future… Read more »


I had a hard time watching this moron being interviewed by Evan Solomon. My stomach gets so upset, I just want to puke. I am so disgusted and angry with all the Canadians who voted for this imbecile that we are now stuck with. Only stupidity comes out of his mouth once his lips start moving. He is an airhead who knows nothing about math or anything else. Image telling Canadians that the higher the deficit and more debt make it easier in a recession. Unbelievable! What were Canadians thinking??


I have never been less confident in my life!
and these rating agencies (you know the same ones that gave thumbs up to Bear Stearns and the other to big to fail Wall street banks in 2008) know that all Canada has to do is raise taxes once Peter Pan has mired us in debt and recession . Soon they will be down grading Canada just as they have done again for Ontario.

sandra c

Trudeau is a catastrophe. Trudeau can do math quite well. What he is selling to us, makes total sense to him because it’s going to benefit him and his very rich buddies. Trudeau is a parasite and he’s living off of the Canadian Tax Payer, while he eats us alive, chews us up and spits out what he doesn’t want. He’s playing games, deflecting, blaming, lies to us, distorts the truth and plays the horrible guilt card, all in the name of doing what he says is good for Canada. For those who still think this man is great for… Read more »


I beg my fellow Canadians…Please, please, in the next election – Do Not vote for a Hairdo!

shawn harris

Trudeau only knows one type of math. The type where he gets what he wants and we get to pay for it . It is the same type of math that tells Trudeau it is always better to buy the pipeline you want built than to let the original owner pay for all the costs. It is right up there with budgets balance themselves and that old but still true chestnut of a socialist belief that you tax and spend your way into prosperity. See you can’t really fault Trudeau for being a mathematical idiot, well yes we should; because… Read more »


You could not train someone to be this stupid.

James Smith

The guy is a f*#king idiot, nothing more needs to be said


Somebody please post this to facebook. Its the only news outlet for millennials

Mike Kean

I’d say Trudeau and his band of Liberal MPs are dumb as rocks, but then I’d be insulting the rocks as they are clearly smarter… FFS can we just fast forward to Oct 2019 and be rid of these people. I would gladly give up 10 months of life expectancy to see these people voted out of office!


this guy s arrogance and stupidity carry him through thick and thin …….” that s not true ” whoa

tommy hawk

What’s to share? There is an old saying (and old sayings have a way of making sense) that says: “You can slide farther on B.S. than gravel, and it’s not near as hard on your boots,” and ‘he’ has made that eminently clear since he has been in office.


Relating to the RCMP qualifications. Trudeau would never pass such a test and i fear few in our Govt would.
New criteria for holding office should include prerequisite testing not just a hundred of your best friends signing a paper saying your cool.