McKenna Confirms Trudeau Government Is Putting “Broader Interest” Ahead Of Canada’s “National Interest”

Under the Trudeau government, the jobs of Canadian workers, and the prosperity of Canadians takes a back seat to virtue-signalling about ‘saving the world.’

In a recent comment on Twitter, Catherine McKenna confirmed what people have been saying about the Trudeau government for a long time:

They put global interests ahead of Canadian interests.

Here’s what she said:

“Countries need to see beyond their national interest. That requires solutions and compromises in the broader interest.”


Because I could have sworn it was called the ‘Canadian’ government, not the ‘global’ government.

Canadians didn’t elect the Trudeau government to serve so-called ‘broader interests,’ the government was elected to serve Canadians.

It’s not called the ‘global government’, or the ‘world government’, it’s called the ‘Canadian government’, and that’s supposed to mean something.

But for McKenna, Trudeau, and the other global elites, serving their own nation has no meaning at all, and they in fact see it as a bad thing.

They have the luxury of travelling around the world, going to elitist events paid for by taxpayers, and getting attention in the media as if they’re ‘saving the world.’

Meanwhile, Canadians back home are suffering, with plant closures, a crisis in our energy industry, a slowing economy, an investment collapse, and massive household debt.

You would think a Canadian federal government would be focused on working for Canadians, but Trudeau and McKenna would rather work for the ‘world.’ That’s why it’s no surprise that under the Trudeau Liberals, more and more of our sovereignty is being given away.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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