McKenna Confirms Trudeau Government Is Putting “Broader Interest” Ahead Of Canada’s “National Interest”

Under the Trudeau government, the jobs of Canadian workers, and the prosperity of Canadians takes a back seat to virtue-signalling about ‘saving the world.’

In a recent comment on Twitter, Catherine McKenna confirmed what people have been saying about the Trudeau government for a long time:

They put global interests ahead of Canadian interests.

Here’s what she said:

“Countries need to see beyond their national interest. That requires solutions and compromises in the broader interest.”


Because I could have sworn it was called the ‘Canadian’ government, not the ‘global’ government.

Canadians didn’t elect the Trudeau government to serve so-called ‘broader interests,’ the government was elected to serve Canadians.

It’s not called the ‘global government’, or the ‘world government’, it’s called the ‘Canadian government’, and that’s supposed to mean something.

But for McKenna, Trudeau, and the other global elites, serving their own nation has no meaning at all, and they in fact see it as a bad thing.

They have the luxury of travelling around the world, going to elitist events paid for by taxpayers, and getting attention in the media as if they’re ‘saving the world.’

Meanwhile, Canadians back home are suffering, with plant closures, a crisis in our energy industry, a slowing economy, an investment collapse, and massive household debt.

You would think a Canadian federal government would be focused on working for Canadians, but Trudeau and McKenna would rather work for the ‘world.’ That’s why it’s no surprise that under the Trudeau Liberals, more and more of our sovereignty is being given away.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Everyone needs to read Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book ‘Skin in the Game’. Politicians have no ‘skin in the game’ so never suffer the consequences of their self-interested decisions that win rewards for themselves but the costs are borne by others. The only accountability is at the ballot box and risking not getting elected. But voters with ‘no skin in the game’ are won over by big promises of rewards and so cast their ballot in favour of freebies paid by others. Except, longer term, they do pay, but it’s far enough in the future that they can never connect the… Read more »


Follow the money – although not one country has been able to reduce their pollution amount according to the USA, the global climate elites meeting is hoping to collect from taxpayers around the globe – 5 trillion dollars by next year and even more after that? They are really not all that interested in the pollution they are causing (the rich elites do not have to pay, but own all the factories and cars and jets etc.) It is all about taking the food (etc.) out of our mouths. That is all we have in what once was a Canadian… Read more »


Then we as individual Canadians have a responsibility to each other to protect ourselves and our country and in 2019 make sure Trudeau and his cowardly followers are gone.

Mike Allan

We don’t need the climate barbie telling us what’s been going on for 3 years.It’s time from all the law abiding citizens trying to make ends meet to protest more and tell trudope that this is our country.The UN globalist no where they can go.

Mark zthompson

I for one am hugely disappointed in the Trudeau government. The government is spending like a drunken soldier. Sinking our children and grandchildren deeper and deeper in debt. Making Canada essentially borderless is insane. We have many to help inside our own borders who should come first. It always amazes me that governments governments give away so much of the peoples money. There will be a reckoning day soon. The Conservatives are not perfect but they are a whole lot better than the current tax spend and giveaway liberals of the day. Paul Martin must think the Liberals have betrayed… Read more »


As a former “drunken soldier” I take umbrage with your first comment.. LOL… Maybe, drunken Elizabeth May??
Everything else is bang on.

shawn harris

Treason is never a solid reason or foundation for governing Canada. And finally McKenna is admitting to what almost every Canadian has suspected and believed , that the Liberals, herself and Trudeau are traitors to Canada and are sacrificing our sovereignty and independence to George Soros and the UN. And we are supposed to be happy and support Trudeau, while he systematically carries on with his plan to use Canada as his elitist globalist playground. Leaving us with nothing but a destroyed country. Trudeau has deliberately failed in his duty to defend and protect Canada and Canadians from all threats,… Read more »

Liz Todd

You are bang on but we need more Canadians to see the liberal garbage for what it is….trash
If they help them get in again we are done.


You could not train someone to be this stupid.

Clive Edwards

Perhaps Turdo has been giving her acting lessons…. along with Macron’s wife, who is also an actress or drama teacher. Seems the Rothschild’s, for whom Macron worked before being post-turtled into being the French president, are recruiting at drama schools these days. Hence the expression, “Bad Actors” 😉

Clive Edwards

Why do I have this sickening feeling that once Turdo has wrecked the Canadian economy, particularly in Alberta, that he is going to accept a low-ball offer of a bailout from Genie Oil? If Canada and Canadians are bankrupt it will limit the ability of future governments to work for the sovereignty of Canada.

willem stolk

They consider themselves as Un diplomats stationed in Canada.

Ivan Hawkes

The ACTUAL UNDERLYING AGENDA pushed by Justin and his LIEberals is only partially related to pollution and the oil industry. The bottom line is GLOBAL DEBT SLAVERY while kissing the butt cheeks of the UN and globalists, selling out Canada’s future potential. None of these actors have any VIABLE & RELIABLE replacement of oil for energy, they just hate oil, period. They use it and abuse it, but you arren’t supposed to, only they should be allowed to drive and fly everywhere. Hey “climate Barbie” when you throw away everything you own made with an oil by product (clothing, cell… Read more »

William Jones

I admit to not listening to EVERY comment she has made, but certainly, this time, she is being honest — as honest as any Liberal can be — in telling Canadians the reality of the government’s intents.