Member Of Trudeau Youth Council Resigns After Trudeau Demonized Canadian Construction Workers

Youth council member shows more courage than anyone in Trudeau’s pathetic government cabinet.

Sara Wheale – a former member of Justin Trudeau’s Youth Council – resigned after Trudeau’s disgusting comments demonizing male construction workers.

As a refresher, while speaking to a bunch of global elitists in Argentina, Trudeau warned about the so-called “social impacts” of “male construction workers.”

His comments caused massive outrage, and though the establishment media didn’t report much on the backlash, it was felt throughout the country.

And part of that reaction was Wheale’s resignation, the reasons for which she described in a letter that was shared online:

PM Youth Council Resignation

With her letter, Sara Wheale showed far more courage than any member of Justin Trudeau’s pathetic governing cabinet, none of whom showed the toughness or strength to condemn Trudeau’s awful remarks, or stand up for Canadian construction workers.

When there’s more leadership in a youth council than in an entire federal government, you know that Canada has some serious problems at the top.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Dave Smith

Awesome young Woman. Great story.

peter black

BRAVO SARA WHEALE. Women have guts too.

Clive Edwards

A woman of principle. If all Canadians were like that, we would have a powerful and respected country – unlike the laughing stock we have become under Turdo.

Ken (Kulak)

Good for Sara. She has proved to be a person of principle and should be applauded for standing up for middle class Joe and Mary Sixpack.

Alexander S. Romanchuk

The disgusting comments Trudeau made are just a sample of bad things to come in the next year of his tenure. He displays absolutely NO SHAME about what he says or does that is disparaging to and of the Canadian public and, for that matter, anyone else. Trudeau is the most disapproving human being on this planet.

Don Taylor

You are so right Spencer The cabinet in govt,now are all pathetic led by the most pathetic PM of all time

Ted Ross

If Canadians wake up we have less than a year to put up with this disgrace to our Country. I hope the voting public take this as a lesson and get serious about National leadership.


In my opinion, it seems that anyone who works even remotely close to Trudeau and media are deemed committed to the will of the gov and nothing else. Feelings, right to think for oneself does not resonate with the liberals nor is it acceptable. Therefore, the only way to make one’s opinion valid in this cast, Sara Wheale, is to resign from her post.

The pathetic liberal mps are confined to the harsh coattails of their radical leader.


Sara Wheale…thank you for this excellent rebuttal to Justin Trudeau’s projection. I will be sharing this article.

Mops Jones

Good for you Sara!

tommy hawk

Not only did she speak from the heart, but she also spoke the truth, something that Trudeau cannot comprehend at the best of times. He in fact not only Pierre’s son but clearly demonstrates the traits of deceit, elitism, social indifference and hate for Canada as Pierre exuded. The time for this person to be in power has long passed and his penchant for destroying our country ended. We should remember: “The worm eats the apple from the inside” and, we should have learned from the father.

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