Member Of Trudeau Youth Council Resigns After Trudeau Demonized Canadian Construction Workers

Youth council member shows more courage than anyone in Trudeau’s pathetic government cabinet.

Sara Wheale – a former member of Justin Trudeau’s Youth Council – resigned after Trudeau’s disgusting comments demonizing male construction workers.

As a refresher, while speaking to a bunch of global elitists in Argentina, Trudeau warned about the so-called “social impacts” of “male construction workers.”

His comments caused massive outrage, and though the establishment media didn’t report much on the backlash, it was felt throughout the country.

And part of that reaction was Wheale’s resignation, the reasons for which she described in a letter that was shared online:

PM Youth Council Resignation

With her letter, Sara Wheale showed far more courage than any member of Justin Trudeau’s pathetic governing cabinet, none of whom showed the toughness or strength to condemn Trudeau’s awful remarks, or stand up for Canadian construction workers.

When there’s more leadership in a youth council than in an entire federal government, you know that Canada has some serious problems at the top.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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