Trudeau Liberals Try Bribing Alberta As Election Gets Closer, But Their Anti-Oil Agenda Remains In Place

So long as the carbon tax and destructive regulations remain in place, Trudeau can’t ever claim to support the energy industry.

Facing a gigantic backlash in Alberta, the Trudeau Liberals are attempting to buy off the province.

They announced $1.5 billion in loans that will be distributed through Export Development Canada and the Business Development Bank of Canada.

It’s obviously an attempt by Trudeau to look like he’s doing ‘something,’ without actually changing the underlying problem.

By giving loans – note how Quebec gets billions in ‘equalization’ taken from Alberta with no strings attached while Alberta gets loans they’ll have to pay back – Trudeau is trying to deepen dependency on the government.

And his anti-energy agenda – with legislation like Bill C-69 that will make pipeline approvals almost impossible – and the carbon tax, is remaining fully in place.

So, the real problem is not being addressed, and Trudeau is trying to distract from that by giving out some money.

And clearly, the timing of this announcement is no accident. With an election approaching, the Liberals are doing what they do best: Try to bribe people with their own money.

Meanwhile, the corrupt equalization system remains fully in place, and projects like Energy East remain blocked by the federal government and Quebec government.

At the end of the day, nothing has changed. Trudeau’s agenda of weakening and ultimately dismantling Alberta’s energy industry continues, and that agenda can only be stopped by the defeat of the Trudeau Liberals in 2019.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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B Jewell

South Ontario here: Albertan’s Don’t take the money or take it and then tell Trudeau it was the Canadian Peoples money in the first place so where dose Trudeau get off charging interest on our money , it is not his governments money and we the people of Canada have already paid income tax on that BS Loan. Keep it as part of your first equalization payment.

Clive Edwards

Sounds like a plan I can support!.


It should be that Alberta takes at least 1.5 billion off of the Quebec equalization payment or not pay any of it, and let the “well off” Quebec borrow money from this secretive questionable Canadian development bank, no one needs more debt.


Take the loans. Take the loans. Demand even more. When it comes time for payback, simply tell Trudeau that payments will start the year after Bombadeer pays back their billions in “loans”. That will be something in the range of never. Alternatively, pay the loans back with oil just like the welfare cheques should be to Quebec. I prefer the former. Quebec says they refuse Canadian oil and that they get 95% from Ontario and the States. It might come as a shock, but the States buys oils from Western Canada at a cheap price and then turns around and… Read more »

Clive Edwards

It’s beginning to look like Alberta needs its own military. We have the oil to fund that. Since French is over represented in the Canadian military we could even challenge Canada to a Plains of Abraham two out of three 😉

Don Taylor

Liberal Is like a black plague that hit Canada and governed by a an idiot and his fellow idiots

Clive Edwards

De-confederation is looking better all the time. Alberta needs to elect a separatist premier who can play hardball with the feds and the rest of Canada. It worked for Quebec. Whatever happened to the golden rule of whoever has the oil, I mean gold, makes the rules? Alberta should be running Canada – not the other way round.


Liberals are done not matter what they try to do now. It is not just about the Alberta but about the whole country! We have enough of potato face, unprofessional, inexperienced and worst ever pm Trudeau!