VIDEO: Jason Kenney Slams Trudeau’s ‘Loans,’ Says “Stop Doing Damage”

People in Alberta aren’t asking for handouts says Kenney, they want the government to stop hurting the oil industry.

United Conservative Party Jason Kenney slammed the Trudeau Liberals for their announcement of loans to Alberta, saying it’s not what Albertans are asking for.

Instead, Kenney said people want the Liberals to stop hurting the energy industry.

On Twitter, Kenney went into detail:

“1/ I have spoken to thousands of people in Alberta’s energy industry. Not a single one has said that what they want or need is government loans for “energy diversification,” ie today’s federal announcement.”

“2/ What the industry needs does not cost a cent. – Scrap Bill C-69, the No More Pipelines Act – Scrap Bill C-48, the tanker ban – Reverse the veto of Northern Gateway – Scrap the regs on up & downstream emissions that killed Energy East”

“3/ – Withhold discretionary transfers from provincial govts that obstruct federally regulated interprovincial pipelines – Work with the Govt of New Brunswick on its effort to revive Energy East. No veto for QC – Review charitable status of foreign funded anti-energy campaigns”

“4/ The industry has seen the flight of ~$40 billion in capital to oil & gas investments in other countries over the past 3 years. Equity investment is down ~90%. Market cap of many companies down by 1/3. Tens of $ billions cut from capital budgets. Duration of unemployment in”

“5/ Alberta has tripled, to 22 weeks on average. Gone from lowest unemployment in Canada to highest outside Atlantic region. Per capita GDP is down 7% since 2014. Monthly payroll is down 10%, $1 billion less than 2014. Thousands of bankruptcies & insolvencies.”

“6/ The federal response? Killing Northern Gateway & Energy East, surrendering to Obama’s veto of KXL, bungling TMX, rewarding the BC Govt’s obstructionism with over $1.4 billion in infrastructure & job training transfers, a bill that will prevent any future pipeline proposals,”

“7/ a federal carbon tax, a tanker ban on Canadian oil, etc. And now $1 billion in EDC loans for “energy diversification?” Does that mean wind mills & solar panels? I’ve never seen a government more tone deaf.”

Kenney also spoke about it on video:

These critiques of the Trudeau Liberals are spot on.

Trudeau has once again failed the province of Alberta, and failed Canadians. As I said earlier, despite his attempt to bribe Albertans, Trudeau’s anti-oil agenda continues.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

There has never been a PM that is hated as much as The POS Justin Trudeau


There’s still a good chance he’ll get re-elected with the vote-buying guaranteed national minimum income.

Don Taylor

I forgot to mention Justin’s Father is a close second most hated PM


Nowhere in the rule book tells us “ how to fix stupid”. It just can’t be done. End of rant.

Major Tom

A liberal loan is a bribe……

sandra c

Trudeau is not “fazing out” the Oil Sands, he’s taking it down, he put the brakes on our Oil Sands. He has turned off the taps, shut it down and absolutely STOPPED it. Boom…Done. He has no intention of starting them up again. So, now what? Solar Cars? Electric Cars? Are we now going to be forced to buy these expensive, new, low emission cars? And are they really better for the environment? The regular Canadian forced to put hookups in their homes, their electric bill going up further and the tax payers footing the bill for electric hookups all… Read more »

Paul Graham

Mr. Kenney has shown a strong understanding on what Alberta needs, he understands that investment and jobs are what make a strong economy, doing what you do best, exporting oil & gas, drilling, building infrastructure etc. He also has a strong gov’t background, having been a cabinet minister, with the feds, he uses common sense when making decisions, that is what a strong leader does. I am a transplanted easterner, and having spent the last 38 yrs. in Alberta, has been good for my family, but more important, I have become a strong westerner, and understand what makes Alberta go… Read more »