Canadians Say Scheer Is Better Choice For PM Than Trudeau

Jagmeet Singh is way behind, even trailing Elizabeth May.

For the first time in Angus Reid polling, Andrew Scheer is seen as the best choice for Prime Minister.

33% of Canadians picked Scheer, while 27% picked Trudeau. Scheer’s support on that question jumped significantly since Q1 of 2018, when just 22% picked him.

26% say they don’t know.

Meanwhile, the numbers for Jagmeet Singh are absolutely disastrous.

Just 6% of Canadians pick him as the best choice for PM, meaning he’s even trailing Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, who is picked by 7% of Canadians.

When it comes to approval rating, Trudeau’s rating has fallen dramatically to 35%. Scheer is slightly ahead with 36% approval. However, the gap in approval vs disapproval favours Scheer by a large margin.

Scheer’s net rating is -5, while Trudeau’s net rating is -23. Elizabeth May’s net rating is -11, with Jagmeet Singh at -22.

Additionally, 23% say they haven’t made up their minds about Scheer, while just 7% have yet to decide on Trudeau. This gives Scheer more room to potentially grow his support, while Trudeau’s numbers could be more locked-in.

While the overall federal race remains close, it is always a bad sign for an incumbent government when the Opposition Leader is seen as a better choice for PM than the person who is actually in the PM role.

Spencer Fernando

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Your either FOR keeping Canada, Vote Scheer or you are against having freedom and a country and want to be run by a debt driven U.N puppet, then vote Truedoper.

Ben Eby

It is amazing that Trudeau gets as much as 26% in any poll. That is a strong indicator that too many Canadians are still under the influence of falsified persuasion tactics, or they are not reading, getting the facts, and thinking the issues that profoundly affect our lives, completely through!


People are idiots to vote for Trudeau in the first place.

Glen Davidson

Really! Mini-Harper

The Conservative party needs someone who can lead Canada, not polarize Canadians into another Harper reality. We need a real leader who represents the whole of Canada, not another divisive politician, we need someone who is not a Globalist minion, and who is not going to sell our country out for profits and bribes.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Glen, you need to enlighten me at least as to how Harper fits being categorized as a divisive politician who takes bribes and sells out his country.


Scheer is not Harper. Plus the damage that has been done by Trudeau, Mr. Scheer recognizes and has the support team to correct it. The issues facing all Western countries today did not exist in the Harper era. Look at France as an example. Trudeau is a Macron clone, under mother Merkel’s direction.

shawn harris

When Harper was in power, over the entire time, he created a period of lower taxes, higher prosperity and national unity was at its highest across Canada.Since Trudeau came to power, the level of divisiveness and anger, has only increased because of his deliberate attempts and actions to divide Canada and Canadians from east to west. After all, it was Trudeau who has attacked the west and our national economy , by trying to deliberately phase out the oil industry. As well as favouring Quebec over the west bt giving our tax dollars to Bombardier , while ignoring pleas for… Read more »


I agree, well said!


None of the above. I am reserved on Bernier – about 50% for, 40% possibly.


Canada needs a majority Conservative government. It is the only way to rid the country of Trudeau and Butts. A minority Liberal or Conservative vote will be a terrible waste with massive frustration and disunity continuing. The markets need a majority Conservative goverment. Quebec needs it too. The Bank of Alberta is going bankrupt under the Liberals. This will end an important revenue stream to Quebecois. Actually I never thought I would say it but a sovereign Quebec would be better than what is unfolding for Canada.

Ivan Hawkes

My question to those of the 27% who support Justin Trudeau: WHY do you feel supportive of the LIEbral so called government? WHAT has Justin done which is actually positive for the people of Canada? WHAT progress has been made to bring you to support his attempt at governing ??? Help me understand WHY you support Justin!!!

tommy hawk

Best Christmas present possible — perhaps there is still hope? For the sake of our offspring, their offspring and their offspring, I certainly hope so.