Canadians Say Scheer Is Better Choice For PM Than Trudeau

Jagmeet Singh is way behind, even trailing Elizabeth May.

For the first time in Angus Reid polling, Andrew Scheer is seen as the best choice for Prime Minister.

33% of Canadians picked Scheer, while 27% picked Trudeau. Scheer’s support on that question jumped significantly since Q1 of 2018, when just 22% picked him.

26% say they don’t know.

Meanwhile, the numbers for Jagmeet Singh are absolutely disastrous.

Just 6% of Canadians pick him as the best choice for PM, meaning he’s even trailing Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, who is picked by 7% of Canadians.

When it comes to approval rating, Trudeau’s rating has fallen dramatically to 35%. Scheer is slightly ahead with 36% approval. However, the gap in approval vs disapproval favours Scheer by a large margin.

Scheer’s net rating is -5, while Trudeau’s net rating is -23. Elizabeth May’s net rating is -11, with Jagmeet Singh at -22.

Additionally, 23% say they haven’t made up their minds about Scheer, while just 7% have yet to decide on Trudeau. This gives Scheer more room to potentially grow his support, while Trudeau’s numbers could be more locked-in.

While the overall federal race remains close, it is always a bad sign for an incumbent government when the Opposition Leader is seen as a better choice for PM than the person who is actually in the PM role.

Spencer Fernando

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