POLL: Trudeau’s Approval Rating Crashes To 35%, Clear Majority Disapprove Of Him

Trudeau’s approval has fallen dramatically from this time last year.

Justin Trudeau’s approval rating has crashed down to 35%, a big change from December of 2017 when it was at 46%.

According to a new Angus Reid poll, 58% now disapprove of Trudeau. Last year at this time, 49% disapproved.

Trudeau has lost support across the board, even among what was previously his strongest base of supporters – young people.

Among Canadians age 18-34, Trudeau’s approval has fallen from 56% to 42%.

The trend in Trudeau’s disapproval is unmistakable. Here’s how many disapproved of him every December since 2015:

2015 – 29% disapproval

2016 – 41% disapproval

2017 – 49% disapproval

2018 – 58% disapproval

Clearly, the more Canadians see Trudeau in office, the more they dislike him.

The intensity of approval/disapproval is also bad news for Trudeau.

Just 8% of Canadians “strongly approve” of him, while 39% of Canadians “strongly disapprove” of him.

Trudeau’s approval rating has fallen in every province. Here are the provincial breakdowns:

BC – 38% approval

Alberta – 18% approval

Saskatchewan – 20% approval

Manitoba – 37% approval

Ontario – 42% approval

Quebec – 30% approval

Atlantic Canada – 44% approval

In every province, more people disapprove of Trudeau than approve of him.

Notably, Canadians pick the budget deficit / government spending as the top issue in the country, an area where Trudeau is very vulnerable due to his repeated broken promises.

This is good news for the Conservatives, but there is still more work to do. At 35%, Trudeau still has enough support to be competitive in an election, and with media propaganda backing him up, all he would need to do is push that number a bit higher to potentially win another majority government.

So, the Conservatives need to keep going after the Trudeau Liberals, and independent media needs to keep exposing the actions of the government. Nothing can be taken for granted.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Glen Aldridge

18 & 20% Approval in Alberta & Saskatchewan? Must be the ones collecting Government cheques because no one else would have the nerve to admit to supporting Trudeau’s stupidity in those Provinces.

Mike Allan

That’s great news Spencer but there’s about 10 months left and this guy is doing everything and anything to undermine the Canadian conservative voter plus has millions from soros and the UN globalist elite.Your a great leader of the conservative movement and I sincerely thank you everyday.


Most people dont like the idea of having an idiot for PM.

Don Taylor

He cannot fool all of the people,all of the time,his lies will always catch up to him ,he has made a fool of himself on the world stage

Connie Cattle

Your polling in Ontario is a little off because their is no way he has a 42% approval unless you ask only the NDP because the People of Ontario across the board voted Conservative decimating the Liberals so if that is the case your polling is wrong Trudeau’s approval rating dropped way lower than that before the election in Ontario it was just a little over 30%.


I cannot believe Ontario still after all the LIEberals/ndp have done to destroy it, would even think of voting for this debt driven LIEberal anti Canada drivel lying U.N. run puppet just for the well off. After all the Ford Conservatives are doing for us, and all this lying Lieberal media at taxpayer expense etc… but then I remember I have lived here all my life and no one doing a poll has ever asked me, my opinion even when I joined an online one as soon as I said I supported a Conservative they would not let me on… Read more »

shawn harris

Trudeau is finally getting what he has worked so hard for, the complete rejection by Canadian voters. Trudeau’s deceit, arrogance, hypocrisy and narcissism has brought him this magnificent reward. He has tried to be too clever , hiding his contempt for Canadians, by pretending to be virtuous, and caring, while actually playing all of us for fools. Well the public is now wise to his hypocrisy, fake virtuousness, arrogance and his deliberate destruction of our economy, sovereignty, national unity and our borders. More and more citizens are coming to see the real Trudeau behind his worthless selfies,a manchild of limited… Read more »


YES, Scheer get your campaign going man!!!!!
This is your time, your moment, don’t waste it.
We want to hear you in the news everyday, doing something, people want to know who you are, what you believe, what you want to do when you get into power!!
Tell us, make it clear…..don’t bugger this moment up-you have the “stuff” it takes, now don’t hide it!!


35% is way too high. Approval in Ontario, BC and Quebec translate to power and Trudeau/Butts/Soros know this! These are the battle grounds. Multi-millionnaire conservative supporters must band with CPC to create an effective media strategy to reach those voters with the truth about Trudeau and the globalist movement to shackle us in servitude. Those of us with modest means will be vocal in the streets, on social media and at the ballot box.

Norbert Kausen

His approvall rating should crash to NEGATIVE 35… he is THAT BAD!!! He should and MUST be charged with TREASON!!!

Voi Tol

42%? C’mon Ontario! What the actual [email protected]! How can we have that many in Ontario approve of this traitor?

Sewer Rat

I am just left baffled every time Glorious Leader Justin polls above 1% popularity.

Ron Shaw

The way we vote federally needs to be made fair . Each province or territorie should have one vote after their respective referendum votes , then the party with the most votes becomes the next government . My fear is if we don’t make elections fair across Canada , then the western provinces will separate , due to the very issues we are speaking about daily . IE; pipelines , taxation , businesses development , immigration , military, seniors , the disabled , natives , the poor , disfunctional federal and provincial government infighting , no true Canadian leadership or… Read more »