REMINDER: Catherine McKenna’s Chief Of Staff Marlo Raynolds Said Oil Sands Make Canada “America’s Dirty Gas Tank,” And Called On US To DENY The Keystone XL Pipeline

Raynolds position of power within the Trudeau government shows exactly which side the Trudeau government is on – and it’s not the side of Canada’s energy industry.

In 2010, Marlo Raynolds – then the head of the Pembina Institutewrote a letter to U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Here’s some of what he wrote:

“The U.S. commitment to clean energy will necessarily force them to confront the problems with oil sands, which have a significant environmental impact. Right now, the U.S. can take one step by denying the Keystone XL oilsands pipeline. Otherwise, the U.S. is tacitly saying that it condones the ongoing mismanagement of the oil sands, and Canada’s role as America’s dirty gas tank.”

So, Raynolds thinks the oil sands make Canada “America’s dirty gas tank,” which is a horrible thing to say about an essential Canadian industry, and he wanted the Keystone XL pipeline blocked, which would severely hurt our country.

And guess where Raynolds is now?

He’s Chief of Staff for Catherine McKenna – the most powerful staff position in her office.

For some time, this has been called out by many Canadians, and takes on new significance as the Trudeau LIberals try to make people think they support Canadian oil. Take a look at the YouTube video below where a Canadian MP calls out the Trudeau government for having Raynolds in such a powerful position:

That’s the real agenda of the Trudeau Liberals: Insult and attack the energy industry.

Their ‘loans’ and messaging can’t distract from the reality – the Trudeau government is an opponent of Canadian Oil, and the only way to save the future of the energy industry in Canada is for the Liberals to be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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don morris

Good lord! With former WWF chief Gerald Butts in the PMO,and Marlo Raynolds in Climate Barbie’s office,the oil industry doesn’t stand much of a chance ,do they?

Thanks for exposing this ,Spencer,haven’t heard about it anywhere else. Good work!

Don Taylor

To think that we are paying these no good Bastards, and they are bad mouthing our country ,they deserve to be in prison,those ROTTEN SOB’S

R William Donaldson

Similarly Jim Carr the former Resources minister appointed as chief of staff Zoe Caron a noted opponent of everything oil. “Zoë Caron, who co-authored the book Global Warming for Dummies with Green Party leader Elizabeth May, said she that she would take over a new job as Carr’s chief of staff on Monday. “The move comes as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government faces criticism from opponents of its plans to tax carbon pollution as well as from opponents of major oil pipeline expansion projects receiving federal approval. “Caron has been an advisor in Trudeau’s office for the past year and… Read more »


Marlo take a hike right out of Alberta. Hypocrite. You and your family wearing clothing made from oil products. Shame on you….

Clive Edwards

The Americans don’t care how Alberta oil gets to the Texas refineries – but it will get there and at the deep discount they have created my manipulating our export situation so we can’t get our oil to other markets. China wants our oil and I’m sure we can negotiate a much better deal than we can with the Americans. Ditto with the Europeans. If Quebec and Ontario don’t like that, then to revive a quote from when Turdo senior tried to screw Alberta, “Let them freeze in the dark”.


with this bunch of family and friends elite , there are always STRINGS ATTACHED