VIDEO: Gigantic Convoy Of Trucks Shows Support For Alberta Oil Industry

The convoy was over 20 KM long.

Today in Alberta, an immense convoy of trucks showed their support for the Alberta oil industry.

With the industry in total crisis, facing a hostile Trudeau government trying to crush the oil sector with destructive regulations and taxes, Canadians are fighting back.

As many have pointed out, in the video below you can see how the media still tries to spin the convoy in a way that makes the Trudeau government look better, instead of clearly noting how there was massive opposition to the Trudeau Liberals. For example, the Trudeau government isn’t trying to get the industry “back on track,” it’s trying to crush it:

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was there, and addressed the convoy:

The Canadian energy industry supports a massive amount of jobs across the country, something the Trudeau government clearly doesn’t care about.

They’re slowly crushing the industry, and trying to cover-up their anti-Alberta oil agenda with their $1.5 billion loan scheme.

Yet, all their destructive policies remain in place, including Bill C-69, dubbed the ‘no-pipelines bill.’

And as I discussed earlier, Catherine McKenna’s Chief of Staff once said oil sands pipelines make Canada, “America’s dirty gas tank,” showing the true attitude of the Trudeau Liberals.

So, to see Canadians rising up against the disloyal federal government, and to see such a massive convoy in support of Canadian energy is an inspiring thing. It shows the true, loyal soul of the Canadian People, who support our energy industry, and want jobs and prosperity for our citizens.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook


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Thank you Alberta, the only real Canadian province left in Canada, and all real Canadians should be proud to support and be standing shoulder to shoulder with them, supporting them right across what was a very great country, and still could be. They are Canada’s backbone, and the U.N. run LIEberals are breaking all of Canada. I remember back when Ontario was Conservative and was Canada’s support, then the LIEberal/ndp put us in so much debt, we cannot help ourselves anymore let alone others in the country. Hope that Doug Ford and the Conservatives in time can get us back… Read more »

Don Piche

Ahhh, The sanitised, whitewashed version of events which is careful to protect our Rogue Gov’t & PM from being shown in a bad light… no mention that this was a protest against Trudeau & Nutley’s failed policies!! So Nice of The MSM to ignore that part of the demonstration (nothing against Spencer showing this clip – this is what passes for News in the Mainstream Media; which is leaving out the Full story in it’s entirety!!).


Sheila Gunn reid for the rebel media has more on this story for those who wish to see. Check her out as well on ytube. There was a sign that read ‘ if we were terrorists Justin Trudeau would protect us.’ I was there at the rally, parked our car at the lot in front of numerous trucks and stood there in the cold giving them the thumbs up in support. I spoke with many of them who are pissed off with Trudeau. They all said the same thing ‘they are hungry and want their jobs back. Every few minutes,… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificent

It’s a nice start BUT there is going to have to be much more than this so actual pressure is put on the federal government. Start a viable separation movement with some numbers behind it and perhaps this might help. Problem is the timing on this thing will not effect the 2019 election as it would take years to develop.

I hope Jason Kenney has some plausible ideas.

Steve Richards

The worst part of this article is that 1.40 min. city news video. Watch it and listen closely how she tries to spin how hard the federal government is “attempting to get Alberta’s oil industry back on track”. All the MSM media is a total joke with their hands out for some of that payoff cash. Trudy could have the pipeline construction start tomorrow with a wave of his magic wand, but alas that will never happen as long as he is in power. Stop supporting the MSM media and start calling them out at every chance for their blatant… Read more »

sandra c

It’s amazing how just one man can take down a whole Country, divide everyone and everything up into groups of good versus bad. Tell me how immigration is good because they will fill jobs, while he’s destroying jobs by the thousands. Trudeau is a walking contradiction. He’s gotta go.


This must have been huge! It even got coverage from CBC! At least 30 seconds worth about 20 minutes into the program. They did mention the 1.5 bill gift from justin but it must have slipped their minds to report the reasons Albertans were not grateful recipients. Oh, those awful Albertans! justin was right to not include them in his Canada 150 speech. He sure makes them angry though. Its almost as if he is pushing them to separate. So what does he stand to gain, this ethical model of transparent leadership, if Alberta separates?


We are approaching a tipping point where Alberta will finally give serious consideration to weighing the pros and cons of confederation. The Province has been essentially looted for many decades to support the pernicious agenda of a corrupt central establishment who actually despise the very people who foot their bills. Being regarded and abused as hapless, impotent serfs on the plantation of the laurentian elites will no longer be endured.