BC REFERENDUM RESULTS: 61% Of British Columbians Vote To Keep First Past The Post Electoral System

A decisive rejection of attempts to overturn the historic electoral system.

A clear majority of B.C. residents have voted to maintain the First Past The Post electoral system.

61% voted to keep the current system, in a decisive rejection of attempts to change to Proportional Representation.

Those pushing for proportional representation had come under criticism for an incoherent message, pushing numerous conflicting potential alternatives.

Here is the breakdown of the final numbers:

61.3% (845,235) voted for First Past The Post electoral system.

38.7% (533,518) voted for Proportional Representation.

1,378,753 votes were counted.

To get a sense of the issues discussed in the referendum, here is a debate between the B.C. Premier & Opposition Leader that was held about a month ago:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Apparently; the Big Left Leaning Cities will determine the Vote’


Did anyone really think the lower mainland & island would vote for anything that would take away their control of the province? It is the same with not/kbek, they will never vote to change their dictatorship control.


Other than the first Leader’s pathetic confrontation, they were supposed to bugger off and let the voters check things out and make their own decisions. Horgan spent a lot of TV and radio time as well as personal appearances, pushing and promoting his agenda,as twisted and confusing at it was. Will the BC ND Party be reimbursing BC taxpayers for Horgan’s time and expenses on this issue? He was politicking rather then trying to run the Province, so we want costs reimbursed. PS: I voted NO because I, like many others, couldn’t figure out what the hell was being proposed.… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Del; I’m glad it wasn’t just me. I had no idea what they were proposing. Typical government. No clarity. A waste of money.

shawn harris

It would seem that only the far left socialists believe that proportional representation makes for a better democracy. Vote after vote, here in Canada has proven that belief to a fantasy that only delivers more problems than it is promoted to solve. This is also another rebuke to Trudeau’s twisted attempt to remain in office forever.Our history has proven that first past the post, has from the beginning in Canada has produced strong stable and reliable governments. That the voting public have been happy to elect and re elect decade after decade.


I’m shocked! Absolutely shocked. The media pressure, media pressure, etc was immense. This is such good news.

don morris

Thank Allah for THAT! I feared the Green/Dipper coalition would foist this one off on the voters,but I guess people are becoming more cynical about anything the Left pushes, as it is never about what’s good for the country or Province, but only for The Left.

It seems the Left would rather have NO industry at all than anything capitalist, so a PR voting system would have guaranteed we’d never get a project of any size built,except more Skytrain.

This is a victory for the common sense side.

Ron Werner

But that was only barely 30% of the pop of BC. 60% of 30% isn’t really a majority.


Thank heavens, I’ve been sweating bullets for the last several months.


People in BC need to change the law making any electoral changes take effect after the next election. There is no reason why a ruling party should be involved in changing the format of the next election. As well a 60% approval threshold needs to be a minimum.