ENEMY: Communist China Can Not Be Trusted

Canada must not be naive or stupid. We cannot trust a brutal Communist regime.

China’s kidnapping of a third Canadian – an English teacher – and revelations that Canada was one of the nations targeted by a Communist China spying operation confirms what we already knew:

Communist China is an enemy of Canada and cannot be trusted.

In China’s view, Canada is only ‘acceptable’ if we bow down to the Communist State and do whatever they want, turn a blind eye to their actions against us and our allies, and sell out everything our nation stands for and believes in just for a few trade deals, which is exactly what the global elites running our country want to do.

Canada is a nation that at our best is more committed and more dedicated to freedom than any nation on Earth. We have stood up for the dignity of the individual, and built an incredibly special nation by making sure that being the “True North Strong And Free” actually included Strength and Freedom.

Yet, one of the most disgraceful things to see lately is how Canadian politicians are so desperate for trade deals or perhaps to enrich themselves down the road, that they are willing to sell out everything Canada stands for in an attempt to gain favour with the brutal Communist China regime.

Did we forget the horrific toll of Communism?

Did we forget that Communism is a brutal and oppressive system that is the opposite of what we believe in as Canadians?

And did we forget that China doesn’t want allies or partners, but supplicants and servants?

If our leaders are stupid and naive, and if they refuse to see Communist China for what it really is, then the very ideals and foundation our country was built upon could be lost, as we become nothing more than a tool for brutal authoritarians.

That must not be allowed to happen. We must remember who we are, and we must stand against those who seek to replace freedom with Communism.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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