SCAM: Trudeau Government Admits Carbon Tax Won’t Meet Paris Targets, McKenna Now Saying We Need To Switch To Electric Cars

That’s how you can tell this whole thing is a scam: They keep shifting the goalposts.

The Trudeau carbon tax scam keeps on showing how much of a scam it is.

Now, the Trudeau government is tacitly admitting that their disastrous and unpopular carbon tax won’t meet the Paris Climate Accord targets (not that Canadians should care what that accord says anyway).

As always, the goalposts keep on shifting. It’s never enough, and the global elites keep telling us to do more and more – while they keep up their luxury travel-filled lifestyles of course.

Now, Catherine McKenna is saying Canadians need to switch to electric cars.

According to the CP, “Canada’s current climate-change plans leave it 79 million tonnes shy of its greenhouse-gas emissions targets but Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says most of that gap will be closed if Canadians switch to electric cars and public transit more quickly.”

Added McKenna, “We’re talking about 2030. That’s 12 years. We can do this.”

It’s unlikely that McKenna really thinks there will be a switch to electric cars by 2030, but even so, the fact that such a massive switch is now seen as essential to meeting the Paris targets the Liberals signed up for yet again exposes the carbon tax as a total scam and a fraud.

You can be 100% certain that if all Canadians switched to electric cars the government would demand even more changes and would shift the goalposts again to take more our money.

It will never be enough for the global elites, because their goal isn’t to help the environment, it’s to centralize power, control our lives, and steal away our hard-earned money.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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It will never be enough for the global elites, because their goal isn’t to help the environment, it’s to centralize power, control our lives, and steal away our hard-earned money.

Well said

Merry Christmas

Ken (Kulak)

Merry Christmas to you Spencer. You are doing a great job of informing us.

shawn harris

Environmentalists such as Trudeau and McKenna just keep on discrediting themselves and their beliefs. First, it was global warming, then climate change and now carbon reduction. And in every case, Trudeau , Mckenna, the environmentalists, demand more and more money , to solve the problem. And every time the public sniffs out the fraud, the environmentalists come up with another planet ending scenario, which, wait for it, can only be solved by making us feel guilty for just living our lives. And then they demand hugh increases in taxes and say we have to sacrifice more of our lives on… Read more »

Patrick M. Walsh

YES>>>>never happen in Crooked Canada….

Don Taylor

Thank God for people like Spencer Fernando,he is willing and able to expose the lies and deceit of Turdeau and his leech filledParty


Support Spencer with financial support as you are able. Forward the web site, tell everyone on your mail list. Freedom is not free, we have to work at it.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Spencer. Think warm thoughts in Winnipeg.

Ken (Kulak)

Maybe Bombardier could build these electric cars out of waste scrap plastic.


I would like to buy an electric but:
1. As a senior, I need a vehicle that is easy to get in and out, similar to my crossover KIA regarding seat height.
2. My garage takes a car maximum 4,6 metres.
3. Much of my budget is taken in carbon taxes, BC car insurance ripoff, health care premiums and exploding property taxes used to cover overdoses.

Other than that, no problem, barbie.

old white guy

you cannot build electric cars without fossil fuels, mining, smelting and all the other things required in the production process. You cannot build wind turbines or solar panels without fossil fuels and if it were possible to replace all vehicles with electric you would collapse the grid. There really is no cure for stupid and Canadian liberal socialists are among the dumbest.


We could always build a fleet of Nuclear stations to supply the power required -it’s the only realistic option if we go the electric car route.
You are right about the no cure for stupid

David Henley

Global warming has been proven over and over that this is a natural event and that the earth is cooling again. This assult on the people regardless of where they live is crazy. The Paris accord is a fraud once and for all.The taxes are a fraud,Liberals area fraud. Human co2 are less than 1% and have no bearing on the earth heating and cooling. This is all political . It seems that Bernier is the only one that understands this.


If Canadians switch to electric cars we will pay for it on our electricity bill.

Cannabis grow ups consumes a lot of electricity so you can imagine what will happen if Canadians all switch to electric cars. The strain on the electricity grid would be too much to maintain a load of electrical users.


We are constantly being asked to use less electricity yet the scammers want us to buy electric cars.

Why doesn’t Catherine Mackenna eat her own words by using Skype instead of flying all over the countryside.


The Liberals will not come close to meeting their target of emission reduction simply because our population keeps increasing. As an example this year there will be 2,200,00 kids turning 19 and they will all buy a gas driven car. There will be 100,000 new immigrants in Canada this year who will buy a gas driven car. That alone will sink the Liberal plan.

.Peter black

This illustrates how ignorant she is. hydrogen cars will be in central Canada in 2 years. They will obliterate e cars and save billions in electricity capacity. McKenna and her political agenda have blinded this govt to the real world. She and Butts are insane


Switch to electric cars? She has no idea how electricity is generated as well as how it is transmitted? It’s not a tap and while the majority is hydro it is not limitless.