Trudeau Economy: Exxon Mobil Scraps $25 BILLION LNG Project In B.C.

Another severe blow to Canada’s economy.

Canada’s increasingly-vulnerable economy has suffered another blow.

Exxon Mobil has announced their withdrawal of the environmental assessment application they filed for a $25 billion liquid natural gas export facility in B.C.

The withdrawal of the assessment is tantamount to scrapping the project.

While Exxon Mobil had enough confidence to push the project forward under the Harper government, it’s no surprise that under the anti-energy Trudeau Liberals the project is being scrapped.

Exxon Mobil has not given their official reason for cancelling the project, but it’s simply the latest example of the brutal investment collapse afflicting the nation as the Trudeau Liberals bow down to far-left radicals and damage the best interests of the country.

As noted by BNN Bloomberg, “Earlier this year, Calgary-based Imperial took a writedown of $289 million on its northern B.C. Horn River shale gas development, a 50-50 venture with Exxon that was once expected to become a major supply source for B.C.’s LNG industry.”

The reality is undeniable: The longer Trudeau remains in power, the worse the damage to the economy gets.

Spencer Fernando

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And the Trudeau Lieberals still hold 35 % of popularity in Canada, and the Globe and Mail is saying that Trudeau is confident that he will be re elected in 2019???? Does he also realize that this will also effect the countries credit rating? These Traitors must be voted out.


He should start walking everywhere!

alan skelhorne

he is only doing what his boss george soros told him to do. its really plain n simple.

Don Taylor

even the the left have to admit that Trudeau is an incompetent fool and should step down before he causes any more damage to Canada

shawn harris

Trudeau, incredibly still thinks and believes that you can only have oil projects built by having strangulating regulations, very high taxes, and a new no more pipelines legislation. He so firmly believes that,even after oil corporation after oil corporation disinvests from Canada and takes Canadian jobs with them to other more friendly jurisdictions. Trudeau is so traitorous and blinded by his globalist elite socialist ideology, that he would rather see Canada and our economy destroyed , than actually admit, he is wrong. But in spite of all the evidence, we get to suffer, while he parades about showing off his… Read more »

B jewell

Oh, Trudeau gets it, it is his boss Soros plan to take Canada down into anarkey them marshal law then dictatorship … see Venswala for our future.

Terry Black

Trudeau is a Road Block to Canadian Wealth to Canada and prosperity for Canadians’! He doesn’t want Canada rising with the Canadian people rising to higher living standards’ as he, George Soros a Gerald Butts and the Deep State believe that Canadians’ won’t be able to be controlled if they have money and power and they won’t be able to control us as their slaves! This was not in the Deep States’ Plans until they could break Canada and Buy up our Natural Resources for Pennies on the Dollar and have Canadians’ slave in what was once our Resources at… Read more »

Moe. S.

Terry, you might be interested in the book, “The Money Mafia” by Paul T. Hellyer, former Canadian cabinet minister for Lester B. Pearson and Pierre E. Trudeau. Known for his unification of the Canadian Armed Forces. He talks extensively about the ‘Cabal’ using politicians to transfer power to them.

Ken (Kulak)

Merry Christmas Canada! Maybe the LNG project will build itself from the heart out.


Another 4 yrs of Trudeau and we will well be on our way to equal Venuzuela

old white guy

Venezuela here we come.


I am taking bets; I think Trudeau the second, will beat Trudeau the first’s interest rate record. I remember 28% mortgage rates in the 80’s. That no one was buying houses, and lots of people being evicted.

I think Trudeau the second will get to 40% on mortgage rates (maybe 50%), and that Toronto and Vancouver and Montreal will still vote for him (and Wascana Center will return Ralph). There is no fix for stupid, and Canada has long since gone majority stupid.


I thought this project was 40 Billion worth

Wayne Pratt

Another year like this and he can nationalize the entire oil & gas industry at about $.10 on the $1.00. Is that the goal? Just finishing what his old man started 40 years ago?


Like it or not, separatist sentiment is gaining more strength in Alberta with each passing day. If Trudeau wins a second term, for many in Alberta it will signify the truth of a common belief, that Alberta is not a welcome member of confederation. Separatist sentiment is already not far off from having majority support in the province, expect it to become a serious movement that is willing to act on it’s convictions should Trudeau be re-elected. He may very well go down in history as the PM who literally caused the breakup of the country.

occupant 9

And Trudeau’s influence for separatist Alberta is why I finally warmed to him. As a lifelong Alberta separatist, I’ve been longing for a voice that would state the situation clearly and Justin is just that voice. He reveals the fact that baked into the core of “Canada” is perpetual antagonism and contempt for Alberta and the West and no one could say it better that he.


And Canadians think we in the states have a stupid leader. You might want to re-think that. Economic suicide is not on our agenda.

Cheryl Prosyk

I am Canadian and I don’t think your leader is stupid. I think what we have as a leader is a complete moron. His stand is to turn Canada into a third world country and if he gets re elected in 2019 that is exactly what this once great country will become!

bob Fry

Well George Sotos plan is all falling into place, his puppet PMO of Canada has stumbled his way thru it. I am sure Soros would like Trudeau to win another majority government and totally complete the dismantling of the Canada. I truly hope the voters of Ontario and to a lesser degree Quebec give the Conservative Party a Majority Government and then the long road to recovery will begin. After Pierre Trudeau collpased the Alberta Oil & Gas Industry it was a full decade to recover.