COMMIES: Canadian Kidnapped By Communist China Is Being Barred From Access To A Lawyer, Held At ‘Secret Detention Facility’

As I’ve said repeatedly, Communist China cannot be trusted and is an enemy of Canada.

Canadian Michael Korvig – a former diplomat kidnapped by Communist China in supposed ‘retaliation’ for the detainment of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou – is being denied access to a lawyer.

While some apologists for the Communist State have tried to draw an equivalence between Wanzhou’s detention and Korvig’s kidnapping, the differences are obvious.

Wanzhou was detained and then given access to a lawyer, and given access to the same standard of justice that anyone in this country would get. She had the right to defend herself.

By contrast, a Bloomberg report reveals how Korvig’s detention is totally different:

“Kovrig is being held at a secret detention facility where he’s questioned three times a day and unable to turn off the light, said the person, who asked not to be identified discussing the case. He’s been allowed one 30-minute visit by Canadian Ambassador John McCallum in Beijing, in which he appeared stressed but unharmed, the person said.”

China is not a democratic nation. They are not a free nation. The rule of law does not exist there. The only rule is the rule of the ruthless, fascist Communist Party.

China’s treatment of Canadian citizens, their theft of intellectual property from us and our allies, and the entire worldview of the Communist Party all shows that China is an enemy of Canada, and can never be trusted so long as the Communists are in power.


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