Judge DENIES Omar Khadr’s Bid For Looser Bail Conditions

A good decision.

Alberta Judge June Ross has denied Omar Khadr’s bid for new bail conditions.

Khadr – who pled guilty to War Crimes and is a convicted terrorist – was seeking to be able to travel to Saudi Arabia and visit his sister Zaynab.

Disturbingly, Zaynab Khadr had praised Al-Qaeda and is seen by many as a terrorist-sympathizer.

That led to serious concerns about Khadr visiting her, considering his past horrific actions.

Khadr had caused renewed outrage among Canadians by claiming that he was ‘still suffering,’ under the bail conditions, despite the fact that the Trudeau government gave him $10.5 MILLION taxpayer dollars in one of the most disgusting government actions in Canadian history.

Khadr was also seeking parole, and that request was denied by the judge, who did however say it was ‘hypothetical’.

All in all, it’s a rare good decision by the ‘justice’ system.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube