Scheer Slams Trudeau For Demonizing Canadians Worried About Illegal Border Crossing Crisis

“I actually think Justin Trudeau’s approach to label people who have legitimate concerns with his issues as being un-Canadian and intolerant, that is very dangerous,” says Scheer.

Andrew Scheer ripped Justin Trudeau for his attacks on Canadians concerned about the illegal border crossers.

In a year-end interview, Scheer said Trudeau is the most divisive PM in Canada’s history, adding:

“I actually think Justin Trudeau’s approach to label people who have legitimate concerns with his issues as being un-Canadian and intolerant, that is very dangerous.”

Scheer says the Conservatives want a system based on legal immigration:

“The Conservative party believes Canada is stronger for being able to welcome people from all over the world. We are proud of being in a country that has the ability to welcome people who are facing persecution and fleeing civil war and genocide. But in order to be able to continue to have that type of a system we have to maintain the confidence of Canadians in it. We have to make sure people come to Canada the right way.”

Additionally, Scheer and the Conservatives say those crossing illegally should be sent back.

It’s important to see Scheer calling out Justin Trudeau for his demonization of Canadians. Trudeau is using his usual tactic of demonizing people who disagree with him, while claiming that he’s being positive and accusing his opponents of being negative.

Since the establishment media won’t expose Trudeau’s hypocrisy, Scheer and the Conservatives need to draw attention to it, and alternative media needs to show why Trudeau’s rhetoric is so deceptive and so dangerous.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Go Spencer! Go Scheer! Trudeau and his puppets are very deceptive, divisive, destructive, bad, greedy rulers.


Trudeau has been the wreaking ball of Canadian unity.

Ron Shaw

Mr Trudope If you think I’m un Canadian , then your un-prime minister , you are the un Canadian who has betrayed we the taxpayers who support Canada . Your hypocrisy , lies , over spending , talking down to any Canadians you disagree with is insulting . You are an unformed elitist who has never worked a day in his entire life , I resent you and your government telling people like myself who have worked hard at supporting a family and our government , paying taxes for fifty two years ! Now I’m un Canadian ? You truly… Read more »

Lorne Newell

I think you have it just about right. And you said it in such a nice way!!!

shawn harris

Trudeau clearly shows his contempt for all Canadians and Canada by defending and promoting illegal immigration, while undermining our sovereignty and security. All so that he can show George Soros and the UN, just how much of a traitor he can be and how very willing he is to do their bidding. A real and truly honest PM would never even try to demonize and delegitimize Canadians, he would rather tell them the truth and have a truly positive and beneficial plan, that respects our sovereignty and security. With Scheer and the Conservatives, they actually know the truth about Trudeau,… Read more »


It is absolutely critical that Canadians see Scheer and Bernier making some statement or observation or comments on current news EVERY DAY. Even a short comment about China or the economy or trade or the Stock Exchanges. Better yet, keep commenting on the protests in Europe. Every day. Become Canada’s political news. Be controversial, get under Trudeau’s thin skin. Force him to respond. Where has Khalid been hiding since M-103?

Brian Dougan

My two cents worth: Stop all immigration. This country is sick, and needs to heal.

Hugh Jorgan

I sure wish that giant piece of human excrement would come to my area of the country, I’d give him an earful that unCanadian pile of camel dung!


How can a post-nationalist call anyone un-Canadian? He and the Liberal cabal don’t even believe in Canada. It doesn’t get any more un-Canadian than that.