Scheer Seems To Be Backing Off On Meeting The Paris Accord Targets. That’s A Good Thing.

No country is meeting the targets, the targets allow big emitters like China to keep increasing their emissions, and we would have to devastate our economy to hit the UN-set targets. Canada should ignore the Accord and withdraw from it entirely.

In a recent interview with Evan Solomon of CTV, Andrew Scheer appeared to back away from meeting the Paris climate agreement targets:

“Andrew Scheer would not commit that his yet-to-be-unveiled climate plan will meet Paris targets – despite claiming in the past that it would.

“What I’m telling you today is, our plan will have meaningful reductions,” Scheer said in response to questioning on whether his party’s environmental plan will meet the UN targets for combatting climate change, which are known as the Paris targets. He made the comment on an episode of CTV’s Question Period airing Sunday.

When host Evan Solomon pressed Scheer on the issue – and specified that he doesn’t want Scheer to “dodge” the question – Scheer’s answer did not change.”

While the establishment media will try to spin this as a bad thing, it’s actually a good thing for Canada.

For a long time, Scheer has played along with the dangerous scam that is the Paris Climate Accord.

To meet the targets in the United Nations-backed Accord, Canada would be forced to impose destructive policies on our economy, as can be seen with Trudeau’s carbon tax and anti-pipeline legislation.

Scheer has so far pretended that he will come up with some sort of plan that will hit the targets, but without giving many details.

Instead, the better approach is to finally admit that the accord is a disgrace, and that a Conservative government would ignore it and act in Canada’s national interests, instead of the interests of the UN Global Elites and countries like Communist China.

So, Scheer has taken a step in that direction by refusing to commit to the targets. The next step is to be fully honest with Canadians, explain how the accord is damaging to Canada, and pledge to withdraw from it completely.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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