Scheer Seems To Be Backing Off On Meeting The Paris Accord Targets. That’s A Good Thing.

No country is meeting the targets, the targets allow big emitters like China to keep increasing their emissions, and we would have to devastate our economy to hit the UN-set targets. Canada should ignore the Accord and withdraw from it entirely.

In a recent interview with Evan Solomon of CTV, Andrew Scheer appeared to back away from meeting the Paris climate agreement targets:

“Andrew Scheer would not commit that his yet-to-be-unveiled climate plan will meet Paris targets – despite claiming in the past that it would.

“What I’m telling you today is, our plan will have meaningful reductions,” Scheer said in response to questioning on whether his party’s environmental plan will meet the UN targets for combatting climate change, which are known as the Paris targets. He made the comment on an episode of CTV’s Question Period airing Sunday.

When host Evan Solomon pressed Scheer on the issue – and specified that he doesn’t want Scheer to “dodge” the question – Scheer’s answer did not change.”

While the establishment media will try to spin this as a bad thing, it’s actually a good thing for Canada.

For a long time, Scheer has played along with the dangerous scam that is the Paris Climate Accord.

To meet the targets in the United Nations-backed Accord, Canada would be forced to impose destructive policies on our economy, as can be seen with Trudeau’s carbon tax and anti-pipeline legislation.

Scheer has so far pretended that he will come up with some sort of plan that will hit the targets, but without giving many details.

Instead, the better approach is to finally admit that the accord is a disgrace, and that a Conservative government would ignore it and act in Canada’s national interests, instead of the interests of the UN Global Elites and countries like Communist China.

So, Scheer has taken a step in that direction by refusing to commit to the targets. The next step is to be fully honest with Canadians, explain how the accord is damaging to Canada, and pledge to withdraw from it completely.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Christopher Kastner

Canada has the resources and people to stand alone as a world superpower. The rest of the globalists know it and have manipulated our world advantage for monetary gain. We need to separate and regroup before the unelected overseers turn us into pet eating slaves defecating in the streets! Extreme as this statement may seem, world banking has done so to Greece and Venezuela, the Baltics, the middle east. Canadians need to stand together as such and reject divisive politics and science that ignores all but agenda based projections. We need to work together, all races, religions, ideologies to show… Read more »


Go Scheer! Canada needs desperately a leader to lead us with truthful common sense in reality. The U.N. globalist dream of the rich getting richer and have their utopia pipe dreams are just not going to work, at least not for long in the real world, they can’t keep lying, dividing and taking without destroying the rest of us.


The Carbon Tax proposed by the Liberal Government is a most cruel and devastating imposition a government could impose on its people. It is just the wrong way of dealing with the carbon problem.

Justin Credible

Not to mention, carbon dioxide is not a “problem” in the first place. Quite the opposite actually. It’s not even the same subject as pollution.

shawn harris

Trudeau wants Canada and Canadians to fully comply with his and only his commitment to the Paris Accord. While it is common knowledge now that those reductions can’t be achieved now or even before their expected time to be met, by 2030. So Trudeau’s commitment was a fraud from the beginning and is now being used to destroy Canada, our economy and our lives, all to show the UN , George Soros and other global elites, just how big of a sacrifice Trudeau is willing to offer those same globalists, he wants so much to be a part of. And… Read more »

David Anderson

I saw a promo for this interview, Spencer… Scheer is one of the least inspiring ‘leaders’ I’ve ever seen on TV. A debate between him and PMJT would be like two of the Three Stooges having an argument. Maybe he’s saying the right things thanks to pressure from Bernier’s criticism, but I don’t think he believes what he’s saying. Train wreck in the making….


David Anderson. We all including Scheer watched how the U.N. Lieberals bought out mainstream media lied demonized and trashed Mr. Harper the only real FOR Canada Prime Minister Canada has had in my life time, if he was still PM Canada’s debt would be being paid way down the oil and gas pipes would have been built Canada would be a strong working honest country. If Canadians are fooled and need silly theatrics and lies and foreigners “actors and actresses” running Canada down so they vote for a U.N. foreign controlled government I understand Mr. Scheer worrying that everything he… Read more »

Justin Credible

Scheer makes Trudeau look like a kindergarten student in comparison. Scheer is a great speaker who actually makes sense. Doubt Bernier has any influence as his PPC party is gonna be lucky to get 1%.


Scheer is not the best of the best but is a far cry above the incompetent buffoon we have as a PM now. At least Scheers IQ is higher than 65

.Peter black

Start by forcing Montreal to ßtop putting raw sewage in St Lawrence river.thats stopping pollution. Paris Accord is a globalist elite cash grab.

Ken (Kulak)

It is high time he started smartening up. The Paris Accord is based on a fraud.


The Paris Accord is the reason for all the mayhem in Paris thanks to Macron. Canada should avoid it like the plague.

Bill Baerg

Too little,, way too late! Scheer (Handy Andy) is now engaging in pure politics, the worse kind. He has NO STANDARDS and therefore needs no backbone, and it shows! 🙁
Luckily we have a principled, new leader and founder of a reality based “people’s party” that can and will take the reins of our country and finally put a stop to the insanity of Canadian politics. Maxime Bernier and the PPC (People’s Party of Canada) are rapidly growing by the week and will soon bring sanity to the political landscape.


Time to bankrupt the wealth of these sick evil global elites.


The Paris Accord is one of the biggest reasons Macron in France is tanking. No reason for a Conservative party to get into that sewer pit.


Scheer needs to strongly commit to helping Canadians adapt to the constantly changing climate by financial assistance and incentives rather than using the Liberal culture of punishing us with higher taxes. e can be quite certain that few Liberals have happy well behaved pets. They would beat a dog with a stick or kick it really hard for not following Liberal demands. Conservatives would congratulate and reward a dog with a treat for doing well. Big difference. A Conservative pit bull would be friendly and protect the kids, a Liberal pit bull is vicious and attacks everyone because it has… Read more »